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Love in Action

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

A day that has become symbolic with love.

How do you show somebody that you love them?  Is it with chocolate, wine, and roses?   743 more words


Cheesy Idea Reaps Unforeseen Rewards

Every now and then, Facebook has some pretty nifty ideas float around. Toward the end of January, an idea for a craft for children appeared on my newsfeed. 661 more words


Valentines Day ❤

There’s this thing about the 14th February every year. Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and dinner dates are just some of the ways people celebrate.

I’ve never been one for celebrating Valentine’s Day. 353 more words

5 Love Languages

Learn How to Love

As Valentine’s Day nears I have had love on my mind and those thoughts have seeped into my recently taught classes. Most prominently, the book  729 more words

Finding your love language

Welcome to February guys, the month of “love”. ;)

With Valentines Day just around the corner and how much attention this one day gets, made me question whether people actually even understood love or the different ways it is given expression. 463 more words

We Can't All be Me

Tonight in Bible Study we took the DISC and 5 Love Languages tests. The DISC test is actually pretty cool, the D stands for Dominance, the I for Influence, the S for Steadiness, and the C for Conscientiousness.   522 more words



Approximately 1 in every 10 Americans has an addiction problem.

I once heard a friend say that everyone has an addiction of some sort. To my belief and understanding some people may have addictive characteristics that are measured by their will power and others simply have learned to master their will power and are slightly less influenced into consuming too much of anything. 408 more words