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Taking the Pulse

Every so often, my husband and I try to take a moment to assess how things are going as a married couple. We figure out what is working, and what we need to work harder at our marriage, because unlike the fairytales, marriage takes time, effort, energy, commitment, and *gasp* … 489 more words

My Love Language

I recently took the 5 LOVE LANGUAGES test.  So, here are my results: 465 more words


Writing/Blogging Challenge Day 28 ~ Love Language?

What is your love language?

Below are the 5 types of love languages that can be applied to all the relationships in you life, according to Chapman. 172 more words


Did you know there are 5 languages of love?

I read recently that there are 5 ways people receive love inside relationships. Everybody is different. Most people have a primary way of receiving love, then a secondary way, and so on, depending on the order of importance to them. 1,979 more words


What Language of Your Love?

I have never been fascinated with psychology of relationships. I was always thinking that in my couple relationships everything is crystal clear. And neither me, nor my husband needs any psychological assistance. 1,192 more words

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How "The 5 Love Languages" Can Help Your Marriage Stand Out

An effective ingredient in every marriage is love. God Himself is love. He first loved us that is why we can love our spouse. When I came to know Jesus, I came to know this truth. 621 more words


Acts of Service | The 5 Love Languages

Do you ever catch yourself (or your spouse) saying, “If you loved me you’d help with the laundry every now and then”? Maybe “Geez, is anyone going to do laundry around here”? 354 more words

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