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30 Seconds to Intimacy: Reflecting on HOLD

I don’t remember exactly when Josh first mentioned it. Maybe it was something his therapist said. Perhaps it was a random article that caught his eye during a mental work break. 434 more words

This Week's Vow

Day 337

Today as I was working in my Inner Guide Planner when I noticed THE box. It’s a box I leave untouched each and every week like my floss, I know, I know my dentist hates me too. 239 more words


Book Review- The 5 Love Languages

I’ve read an article, couple of years back, which shared a snippet of this book, and thought to myself “That’s a very interesting way of looking at a relationship between 2 parties..” 353 more words

Book Review

The 5 Love Languages, and How Knowing Them Can Save You Money

This is gonna be the sappiest post I’ve ever made, so buckle up. There ain’t no brakes on the love train. I’m gonna show you how to improve your relationships AND save a boatload of money. 630 more words

Personal Finance

5 Love Languages of Children- Book Review

Years ago, when I was dating my husband, I read Gary Chapman “The 5 Love Languages.” Since we were talking about marriage at the time, I mentioned I would love for him to read the book as well before popping the big question. 504 more words

Breaking Up Is Easy... Here's Why You Should Stay

We’ve all had the dream. You see the man or woman of our dreams across a crowded room. Your eyes lock. And at that moment you both know… And then you ride off into the sunset and begin your “happily ever after.” 1,430 more words

5 Love Languages EXPOSED

There’s so much we can learn from the concept of the five love languages; how people hunger for the different ways God supplies our wants and needs, 223 more words