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5 Languages of Love (Tweaked!)

What would happy couples do without bestselling author, Gary Chapman? That’s who wrote the The Five Love Languages (8 years on the NY Times Non-Fiction List!) where he asserts that each person has one primary way of perceiving love. 516 more words


Book Banter: The 5 Love Languages of Children

Welcome to a new section I’m incorporating into my blog: Book Banter. In this semi-regular (translation: when I have something to write about) series, I’m going to discuss books related to parenting. 642 more words

5 Love Languages

Are You a Student of Your Spouse?

Long ago I thought that if you got along with the person you are dating it would just all work out. For a time I even thought even if you didn’t really get along, if you wanted it to work out, it would. 1,387 more words

Getting Healthy

Communicate Love

There are so many different words of wisdom and advice for those in relationships, romantic or platonic. The right things to say to each other, how to handle conflict and compromise. 905 more words

Random Tidbits

5 Love Languages

So the other night, David and I were watching “A Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” and someone made the comment in the movie about being married takes out the romance of the relationship. ¬† 225 more words

What is love?

People have different definitions of love.  Some people think love equates sex and some people think love means showering them with gifts or exorbitant amounts of money. 984 more words


Words of Affirmation

So I recently retook the 5 Love Languages test (I like to, semi-regularly) and got these as my results:
9 Physical Touch
8 Words of Affirmation… 548 more words

Being Me