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Fever tree ginger beer

Good ginger flavor. Not very sweet at all which allows the ginger flavor to stand well.  Nice level of carbonation, not overly carbonated. Really warms up your throat. Slight lip tingling

5 out of 5

5 Out Of 5

The Jock and the Fat Chick

I just got done reading this book, and I feel that it was something that I needed in order to get out of this book slump that I’ve been in. 454 more words

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LFF Review: The Wait (Piero Messina, 2015, Italy)

Director – Piero Messina
Producers – Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima, Carlotta Calori
Screenwriters – Giancomo Bendotti, Ilaria Macchia, Andrea Paolo Massara, Piero Messina
Starring – Juliette Binoche, Lou de Laâge, Giorgio Colangeli… 466 more words

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LFF Review: Steve Jobs (Danny Boyle, 2015, USA)

Director – Danny Boyle
Screenwriter – Aaron Sorkin
Starring –  Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels, Michael Stuhlbarg, Katherine Waterston


The beauty of Apple’s story and by extension of Steve Jobs, is that ol’ devil The American Dream. 466 more words

5 Out Of 5

Scarlet: Review

By Marissa Meyer
Series: The Lunar Chronicles, Book 2

Started Reading: October 5, 2015
Finished Reading: October 7, 2015

I’ve always had problems with second books of series or a trilogy, or even a duet.

774 more words
Book Review

Review: Sicario (Denis Villeneuve, 2015, U.S.A)

Starring – Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin, Victor Garber, John Bernthal, Daniel Kaluuya

It’s a concept we’ve seen a million times before: Good cop witnesses atrocities, good cop joins shady group to put an end to said atrocities, good cop discovers they might not be on the right side of the law, good cop tries to stop misdoings. 561 more words

Film Reviews

Review: Little Accidents (Sara Colangelo, 2014, USA)

Little Accidents is a film about the resilience and weathering of the human soul against an indifferent universe’s ‘little accidents’. The film takes place in a small American town after the tragic collapse of the local mine and the eventual disappearance of a child of one of the mine’s managers and follows how these accidents interlace the lives of people who would have otherwise gone on as strangers. 420 more words