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5 Reasons Assigned Reading Sucks

I’m sure at some point in their lives everybody has been assigned reading. I’m also willing to bet that at some point most people have not done that assigned reading. 343 more words


Give five reasons why you would make a great lawyer. (#11)

Out of the many reasons why I’d be a good lawyer here are the top 5.

  1. Charming Personality
  2. Lightning Thinking
  3. Witty Innuendoes
  4. Sauve Pubic Speaking…
  5. 36 more words
Casper Ivy

A Thrifty Thought

I think it’s about time we all got past the stereotypes attached to shopping in a charity shop. Okay, yes, some poor old lady may… 398 more words


5 Reasons to Read Non-Fiction

1. Learning

A major reason that I read non-fiction works is to learn. I love to learn, and reading these books allows me to do that. 392 more words


5 Reasons Why Black Americans Should LOVE Independence Day.

Apparently some black Americans are diligently refraining from celebrating the nation’s independence from Britain in 1776 to protest in respect to their “black pride”.  Well…as it turns out, you are doing no favor to your ethnic pride by turning your back on the United States as payback for slavery and segregation. 1,515 more words

Young Black And Conservative.

Book #24 - The Casual Vacancy

With her first book following the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling published The Casual Vacancy. The story is centered upon the death of Barry Fairbrother and what happens to the town of Pagford, following his death. 297 more words


Five Very Good Reasons to Move to Canada

Canada has 33 million inhabitants and is a world-class country that offers a vast array of scenic, cultural, and intellectual wonders. Even so, it regularly flies its maple leaf overseas to let the world know that it needs more skilled and experienced people to make it really hum. 458 more words