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Book #24 - The Casual Vacancy

With her first book following the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling published The Casual Vacancy. The story is centered upon the death of Barry Fairbrother and what happens to the town of Pagford, following his death. 297 more words


Five Very Good Reasons to Move to Canada

Canada has 33 million inhabitants and is a world-class country that offers a vast array of scenic, cultural, and intellectual wonders. Even so, it regularly flies its maple leaf overseas to let the world know that it needs more skilled and experienced people to make it really hum. 458 more words


5 Reasons Being "The Girlfriend" Kinda Sucks 

We get the “good morning” texts complete with the smiley faces. We get the dinner dates, the afternoon cuddles, and the late-night phone calls. We get the anniversary gifts, the Valentine’s Day gifts, and the kisses. 486 more words


5 Reasons to Travel with your Significant Other

I am a huge advocate of traveling with your significant other, even if you are just in the early stages of your relationship getting out of town for a day. 701 more words


Summer TV Bingewatch Guide: 5 Shows You've Got To Catch Up On This Summer

If you’ve been tuned in, you know that we’ve just wrapped up a pretty busy season on the small screen. Mad Men ended its acclaimed run, and the  709 more words

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5 Reasons You Should Really Visit Reykjavik, Iceland

1. You don’t know very much about it

I often annoy people I know with my enduring love of Iceland. I find that the best travel experiences happen when you go somewhere with little prior research or knowledge, and take in a wealth of ‘newness’. 573 more words


5 Reasons To Watch The Brand New Season Of 'Power'

The second season of Starz’s 50 Cent-produced drama Power is right around the corner and early trailers prove there are some crazy plotlines in store. 616 more words

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