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5 λόγοι που αξίζει το κόπο μια γυναίκα να επισκεφθεί το Felisi Boutique!

Ανήκεις κι εσύ στην κατηγορία γυναικών που τους αρέσει να είναι πάντοτε ντυμένες μοντέρνα και στυλάτα; Στις γυναίκες που περιποιούνται τον εαυτό τους και θέλουν να …

5 Reasons

5 Reasons not to be a parent


Kids proper fuck your wallet from each and every way! Nappies, milk, cots, buggies…are all a given but where they really slam it home porn style is when they puke on the sofa 5 days in a row and now your whole house stinks like a fucking lactating old cow….PURE CREAM! 417 more words

Parenting Tips

It's Okay To Have Fun

As you can read from the title, its okay to have fun.

I learned that this summer, and I wish I could have learned it years ago. 706 more words

College Football: 5 reasons why you should go

I am not a huge fan of football, since it’s not a traditional sport in Brazil. But, going to the stadium once was enough to get me excited to go again! 268 more words

Top 5 Reasons You Feel Like Your Life Sucks

People in this world seem to dwell on how terrible life is going to the point they become a nuisance to others around them but I’m here to help point out at least 5 reasons why you feel like your life sucks and not going your way right now! 422 more words

Life Changers

Meditate. Heres Why.

Meditation is something most of us have herd of. But what is it and why should you do it? Meditation is when you focus on your mind. 284 more words

5 Reasons to Declutter.

This week I have been…

This past week I have braved the “understairs” cupboard – well I say I braved, in fact I made my husband pull stuff out and check for spiders…and I then got him to vanquish said spiders… let’s just call it a joint effort, shall we?   877 more words