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5 Reasons to Declutter.

This week I have been…

This past week I have braved the “understairs” cupboard – well I say I braved, in fact I made my husband pull stuff out and check for spiders…and I then got him to vanquish said spiders… let’s just call it a joint effort, shall we?   877 more words

Why be creative?

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have” — Maya Angelou

Everyday people around the world create things. Beautiful and amazing pieces that add something to the world.

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5 Reasons

5 Reasons Why I love...Lasagna

Lasagna in all its gooey glory.

  1.  Pasta is a regular part of my diet anyway.
  2. If I only ate lasagna for the rest of my life I would survive because a tomato is a fruit.The sauce also has onions and peppers, which counts as vegetables.
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5 Reasons Why A Kendrick & J. Cole Album Wouldn't Be Good

For at least 5 years now people have been waiting on and praying for a Kendrick and Cole collab, and for at least 5 years I been convinced that it’s never gonna happen and if it did it’d be a huge disappointment and here are my 5 reasons for believing so. 847 more words


5 Reasons Why I Love... Pizza

There is nothing as perfect as pizza, so when I had the idea to post about it I thought I should keep it short and simple. 34 more words

Autumn Shirt Dress: And 6 Reasons To Follow a Fashion Blogger

I publish a new fashion lookbook blog post a few times a week. I am truly grateful to my readers who take the time to view and read them. 761 more words

My Western LookBook

5+2 Reasons why Nikolai Lantsov makes a good Slytherin


Hello guys!

I recently reread Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo and finally got to Ruin and Rising. From all the characters I think my main favourite from the trilogy is Nikolai Lantsov. 569 more words

5 Reasons