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5 reasons why turning 22 was so stressful

I turned 22 two days ago, and I found myself surrounded by people (coincidentally, who were all older than I was) who kept making uncomfortable statements that made me question the felicity of my coming of age. 333 more words

5 Reasons

Trouble By Any Other Name Is Here! And Blog Tour at Tyrean Martinson's!

Whoo hoo! Book 2 is finally here! I know it’s not Friday, but I’m celebrating anyway! This book hasn’t been quite as long in the making as my first one, but it’s close. 246 more words


5 Reasons People DON'T Save Money

Let’s just call this Part 2 from yesterday’s Part 1…

In case you missed it, I highlighted 5 different ways to save money this summer. Or any time! 837 more words


5 Reasons Why I am Voting for Hillary & It's Not Because She is a Woman

I have to start this blog off with a simple question. Do I really believe that? It seems that I have found myself asking this question a lot lately. 2,024 more words

OPINION: 5 Reasons Why Nigeria Needs a National Carrier

Since the liquidation of Nigerian airways in 2003, successive administrations have pondered on the idea of floating a national carrier. This has not resulted in something concrete as the giant of Africa cannot boast of one. 388 more words


5 πράγματα που κάνουν τις γυναίκες επιστημονικά πιο ελκυστικές

Η επιστήμη τα λέει, όχι εμείς. Έτσι θα γίνεις πιο ελκυστική.

Είτε επειδή θέλεις να κάνεις το παιχνίδι σου πιο δυνατό στο κομμάτι των ραντεβού είτε επειδή σε εξιτάρουν οι έρευνες περί στυλ σε σχέση με τα δύο φύλα, αυτό το θέμα είναι για ‘σένα.