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5 Reasons I Love Harry Potter

1. Part of My Childhood

The Harry Potter books were the first books that I truly remember reading. I was in second grade when I started reading them and became hooked instantly. 391 more words


5 Reasons Why The Writers' Journey Is Still So Darn Difficult

The tulips are out, the weather is getting predictable and I am enjoying every bit of it, especially venturing out to meet with friends over lunch. 1,840 more words


5 Reasons YOU Should Learn French

Image is mine.

Don’t you just love my new ‘thumbnail’! I think I’ll make one of these for each post from now on :)

So today’s post is ‘5 Reasons YOU Should Learn French’. 330 more words


5 Reasons Why The ASUS Zenfone 2 Rocks :D

This week I am going to write about the 5 reasons  why I feel the ASUS Zenfone 2 could redefine my smartphone experience :) 487 more words

5 Reasons I Read

1.  Escape from Normal Life

One of the major reasons that I love reading is that it provides an escape from the monotony of everyday life. 494 more words


2 days in Khao San Road, Bangkok

Khao San road , the infamous bag packer destination , is often  known for its cheap accommodation , crazy nightlife , and vendor selling knocked off designer goods. 516 more words

5 Reasons Why I Love To Wear Heels

Heels are an ultimate favourite of mine.

I love them because:

1)  They make an outfit instantly dressy.

2)  They make me taller (not that I need to be any taller). 132 more words