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5 REASONS: Pizza Express Loves Vegans

Pizza Express is rapidly becoming one of my go to chain restaurants if I want a good vegan meal out. It’s great because my friends don’t mind going there either and they often have loads of deals which makes eating out really cheap. 490 more words


5 REASONS: to embrace a windy day!

Today has been a wonderful, blustery day – the wind is howling and when you walk outside you’re hit with a blast of energy. I love windy weather – I just find it so fun and exciting and really very therapeutic. 332 more words


5 Reasons I Own A Mesh Head

It’s been quite a while since mesh hit the grid.

I can still remember the first mesh dress I bought – I was so excited that my dress would no longer fall through my legs and the chair when I sat down! 1,030 more words

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5 Reasons Why You Should Study Theology

By Hyuna Franklin

When I was in seminary and introduce myself as a student, people asked, “So, what do you study?” Then I said, “I study theology.” The responses I got fall into one of the following categories: 1,498 more words


5 reasons why reading good news is good for you!

We all know that the world is not all good. Bad things have always and will always happen. And we know that in some cases there is something WE can do and in other cases, our money and good intentions cannot impact much. 388 more words

5 Reasons

5 Great Gift Ideas For First Time Fathers

Since the beginning of time, whenever a Man becomes a Father, there is a complex undertaking that biologically shifts in him.  Being a first time father myself, this undertaking has been great in many ways, specifically to my hobbies and how being a dad alters things.  517 more words


5 Signs that you're in a One-sided Relationship

As the saying goes, ‘It takes two to tango‘. Similarly in relationships each party needs to put in work to make it work. So if you were once head-over-heels for someone it’s quite possible that you left yourself vulnerable to being taken advantage of. 320 more words