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5 Good Reasons To NEVER Marry

There are positives and negatives in marriage, but in this erra of time there’s more negatives than positives. Therefore, marriage is of no Importance. Those that are against my views are no doubt the most brainwashed and most naive. 680 more words


5 Reasons Why Quitting My Job Is One of the Best Decisions I Had Made in My Life

After almost two years of quitting my job, I feel that it is one of the best decisions I had made in my life… 2,614 more words

You're right! Audrey Hepburn was the Fashion Icon all along - Here's why!

It is 2017 alright! But Audrey Hepburn was always and still is the Fashion Icon and here is why! Let it be her fringes or her big brows or her innocent looks or her big beautiful pair of eyes that draws us, she has always won us over! 332 more words


5 Reasons To Love Madrid

Madrid is magnificent.  I visited during this past Christmas break and absolutely loved the charm the city has to offer and I can see myself visiting again.   376 more words

5 Reasons to Love Being Pregnant.

Being pregnant is a lot of work, I didn’t really know this before. Not only do you need to have a new wardrobe but you have to eat healthy and put yourself and your needs before others. 822 more words


5 Reasons Why I hate Video Game Movies

5 Reasons to hate Video Game Movies? This one is really simple! Why do people make live action movies for video games? There have been so many video game movies that have been really bad. 410 more words


5 Reasons Why I Love Skyrim

Loving Skyrim Intro

                Have you ever wondered why people love Skyrim? It’s a great game that has a great, and large, fan base that will play for hundreds of hours. 458 more words