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Why He Should Be Your New Celebrity Crush Too

I think this blog post will especially resonate with my fellow Spider-Man: Homecoming watchers out there. Will this post life up to the standards of a great comeback? 790 more words


5 Reasons to Travel Alone

Aren’t you afraid everyone is going to be watching you?

What if something happens to you?

What if you get lost? Who will you ask for help? 697 more words


5 Reasons Learning Astrology Will Improve Your Life

1. You Will Know How Others Perceive You!

When studying astrology, you become very aware of the ways in which you relate to the tendencies of your sign. 801 more words


5 reasons everyone should build a wildlife pond

“Are you getting fish?” the question that’s followed me around ever since I dug a 3m diameter, 1m deep pond in my garden.

No way. This baby is all about the wildlife! 407 more words


5 reasons why regular carpet cleaning can save your facility money

You may not view regular carpet cleaning as a necessary expense, but neglecting routine upkeep can reduce a carpet’s life-span from 10 years to just two to three. 198 more words


5 reasons why Senator Riza Honteviros got bullied in social media!

  1. Bobo
  2. Tanga
  3. Yellowtak-utak
  4. Impokrita
  5. Walang malasakit sa bayan!

Sino ba bumoto sa gagong Utak Talangkang ito!…


5 Reasons the Pressure of Exams Gets to Me

I hope you all are having an absolutely fabulous week, I have been working really hard on this post and I hope you like the drawings! 421 more words