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Hi there readers, after a way too serious start, I’d like to talk about something sweet.

The internet.

The internet is just the greatest invention of the 20th century, and there are more and more ways to use it. 522 more words


Mind = Blown.

Today’s YouTube channel is called ‘5 Second Film’ and pretty much does what it says on the tin. The group of filmmakers produce a 5 second film ever week, under these strict rules: 86 more words


Self defense against babies with knives, a Business casual urinal and Orange peanuts for me?

Stellar 5 Seconds.

Orange Peanuts for me???

Self Defense against baby knife assailants.

Baby wheelchairs???


Urinal toddler style.


Dont stop the GIFs.

What happens on a slow news week on the Interwebs

Ebook brought to you by NIN.

Watch yourself John Smith.

Meanwhile in Russia.

Meanwhile in Japan.


Physical Challenge! by 5 Second.

Mario Cart Marathon. 11 more words

Celebrate Labor Day with the opposite of labor.

Russians are hilarious aholes.

Best fails of August (volume).

Be an American, hire an Olympian.

Never leave an iPhone with kids.

Mentos…Breaking Bad Style.

DMX Reading Rainbow Style (VOLUME). 22 more words

Let 'em work. Let em' Live.

That’s what I thought they said

5 Second

I’m sold

Please be real


You havent made it until you have a sausage parady

WTF of the day

5 Second Ads & Films - A Roundup

It is increasingly obvious that online attention spans are shortening.  The length of time an audience is likely to spend looking at an individual piece of content is dropping dramatically, so this puts the onus on producers of this content to get to the point.  179 more words

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