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7 Tips on how to travel in a plane with 2 active kids and an infant.

June 25, 2016 was the day I thought will be a normal day. I know with kids ages 5, 3 and 6 months will be a little tiring on board on a plane. 434 more words

Kindergarten Girl Holds Up "Stick Gun," Instantly Gets Smackdown By Liberal Teachers...

From the Truth Division

Political correctness has spun out of control once again, claiming it’s newest victim — an innocent 5-year-old girl.

ABC 11 reports… 204 more words

Collectivism - For The Greater Good, Of Course

Madeline's Top 5 Things to do at Disney

More snow, seriously it is March 30th and we are having a pretty serious snow storm in Atlantic Canada. So far about 20 cm has fallen and it is still snowing (and is supposed to all day long) I am really starting despise winter (and the sad fact is that it isn’t even Winter!!) I swear our seasons here are all messed up! 297 more words


The Art of Living Simply and Taking Your Time

“Move it! Move it! Move it!”

These are the words I chant most mornings as my lovely, 5-year-old dawdler goes under her bed to look for her shoes, or decides to make homemade dog treats at 7 am on school day, or literally stops to smell the roses as we race to get out the door and get to school on time. 548 more words


5 Year Old Shot in South St. Louis

St. Louis, MO (KMOX) One day after an 8 year is shot in north St Louis, a 5 year old is shot in south St Louis. 53 more words


Daisy, Sonny & Poppy in February 2017


Daisy is continuing to do really well at school and seems really happy she happily goes to school each day and so far has not missed a single day, which I am really proud of as she just gets on with everything. 904 more words