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Green eggs and ham!

One of my favourite people is moving on and another is hitting a major milestone – you could say they’re both on the cusp of change which I’m resisting… 1,188 more words

Activity Idea. 3-5 year olds. Yarn hair.

Once you start doing activities with your 3 year old, you’ll need to come up with new ideas. They get bored with the same old ones very quickly. 170 more words

Activity Idea. 3-5 year olds. Alphabets.

For E, after the post lunch nap, comes ‘going out’ time. And having the advantage of living in a slightly quieter neighbourhood, we can actually walk around  without being badgered too much by vehicles. 257 more words

We have a reader

Max is a fantastic reader. I’m so happy he shares my love of books – I’ve suspected this for a while and his new found love of reading his school books to his sister has helped confirm my suspicions. 131 more words

Adventure Round-up

We go to walmart

On our way to walmart Abby told me this joke:

“why did the arrow cross the road”


“cause there was a truck over there and he wanted to get in it!”

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New Blog

My 5-year old daughter reminding my wife to listen to my mother-in-law
Child’s wisdom at its best. :) Miss you mi and lei :)

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Bourbon Joe's Black Ridge Small Batch Bourbon Review

Bourbon Joe Bourbon Review

Name: Black Ridge Small Batch

Distillery: Clear Spring Distilling Co. / Buffalo Trace/ Sazerac

Age: 5 years       Strength… 510 more words