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Hi There!

Words travel through air I hope……

One time and one time only Annie decided to go against her Mother
wishes. She was just 5 years old.
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This 5-Year-Old's Generosity Toward A Homeless Man Will Melt Your Heart

Kids ask a lot of questions, and 5-year-old Josiah Duncan from Prattville, Alabama is no different. So when he and his mother saw a homeless man sitting outside Waffle House, he naturally inquired. 258 more words


When kids become helpful

We’ve been giving Max some chores. Not for money – he still thinks 2ps are the best as they’re the ‘biggest brown ones’. Every Monday night he has to take (drag) the bins out and every Saturday make sure there are spare toilet rolls in all the bathrooms. 67 more words


Fun trip to Mount Vernon

A few days after Christmas, we met up with Mom, Leigh, Chip and Mr. J for a post-Chrismas visit to Mount Vernon. The highlight was Aladdin the Camel. 85 more words

You can learn alot by talking to a 5 year old LOL

talking to a 5 year old can be enlightening!¬† Just be sure to pay attention and heed their advice…


LMAO: What Happens When A 5-Year-Old is Fed up! (Video)

As a parent what do you say to your child when they express their ready to move on.  5-year-old Saige mom was up for the challenge when she expressed her frustration with living with her mom and sibling. 62 more words


Conversations with a 5-year-old (in a public bathroom)

Alexa: You know the two things you can’t do on a school bus? No yelling….. and no screaming, but you can play the knocking game. 38 more words