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5 Year old Chield is missing in Jalapura Youtube

5 Year old Chield is missing in Jalapura Youtube

5 Year old Chield is missing in Jalapura 5 Year old Chield is missing in Jalapura


Thank-you Pokemon Go

Cookie: I’m tired.  I can’t walk any further.

Me:  Cookie, we need to run a few more errands today.

Cookie:  But my feet hurt. 21 more words


Kindergarten: A gift from heaven

I’m not saying I don’t miss our days together or being able to hear about her need for a snack every 20 minutes, but school has been a blessing for us both! 168 more words

Stay At Home

America -the Best Country in the Nation

Cookie:  What’s an election?

Me: That’s when everybody picks their leaders.  Everyone gets one vote, and the person with the most votes wins. 70 more words


Adventures in Babysitting: Round 1

We recently moved further away from my family — AKA our free and readily available babysitters — so we decided it would be wise to hire a babysitter that we could rely upon in a pinch on those rare occasions when the hubs and I actually venture into public to dine/be entertained/drink ourselves stupid with other grown-up folks. 403 more words


We don't have a routine and I like it like that.

When you have a baby everyone goes on about this thing called a “routine”. This is supposedly a timing when your baby will eat, sleep, poop, etc. 288 more words


Bible Stories and Meat Pies

We have a long and storied history of misfires when it comes to discussing issues of God, religion and spirituality with our daughter.

During our first real substantive conversation about God when she was 3, we managed to scare the bejeezus out of her and leave her thinking… 151 more words