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The School Bus Is Not A Daycare

Nothing makes me angrier than a parent not showing up to the bus stop for their child!!  In the Tacoma School District we have a policy that Kindergarteners can not be released off the bus with out an authorized person to pick them up.  451 more words


How far does our need for acceptance go??!

To some degree or another, we all have a need to be accepted.  Whether it’s by friends, family, colleagues and even random strangers – like when I’ve just “been me” while saying something so asinine and I feel like I’ve instantly been blacklisted as they look at me like (a) I’m from another planet or (b) I’ve been living in complete isolation having only a volleyball named “Wilson” as a companion.  1,017 more words

The Fantastic T's Go On Holiday!

Holiday! Yay! After months of hard work, savings and planning, the time finally came – we were going on holiday! Oh, wow – it was going to be so much fun! 978 more words


こんにちは (konnichiwa)

Our son had his first Japanese lesson with a native-speaking Japanese three days ago.  It went well for a first lesson.  How do I know?  The most telling signal was that the teacher cares.   903 more words

5 Year-old

Family Funny!

I love my kids so much! They are joy of my life! I can’t imagine my life without them. But sometimes, there are moments, when I am shocked, worried and fearful of the things they do or things that come out of their mouth. 656 more words


2 weeks of craziness

Sorry for being MIA but life kinda took over again. Ya know 4 kids can keep a girl busy. Plus losing 2 of our chickens was awful and rough. 461 more words