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The Unbeatable Argument Styles of a Nearly 6-year-old Girl

Princess argues with me. A fair bit, I’ll admit. I can tell her teenage years are going to be a blast.

She has a way of arguing that is not unlike that of her father. 379 more words


Baked People

Zoe’s dream:

I dreamed that everyone was baked and they wanted to make me baked too. There was a big pot but it was covered with sticks so that you couldn’t see it but when you stepped on it you fell in. 42 more words


17th July 2015

“And then the boy went to his house”


Things you learn and how you change when you become a parent.

I don’t suppose I ever really considered how I would change as a person once I became a parent.  Obviously I knew that physically things would change and that sacrifices and career compromises would be made along the way. 332 more words

Mummy Mayhem And Mascara

15th July 2015

“The little boy went out to park his car on the drive”


Doodling with paint | It's complicated!

Maybe my 5-year-old son wants to convey the message that life is complicated. Or he couldn’t manage those troublemaker arrows. Neither could he hide them or delete them. :)