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Five Years

“Heavenly Father, just as your Son blessed the wedding feast at Cana in Galilee with His presence, so now bless your children here who seek your favor.

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Our Life

Children's Math!!

Hola familias,

Los peques de 5 años hemos estado aprendiendo muchas cosas desde que empezó el tercer trimestre. Hoy vamos a contaros algunas de ellas, por si queréis jugar en casa con nosotros/as a cualquiera de estos juegos. 342 more words

5 Years

Lovely news and lots of gratitude

This week it is exactly five years ago that I cycled to the Centre of Commerce in Leiden City to start by own business. though I loved helping people as a psychologist, my heart and soul yearned to share the spirituality and creativity with others to help them to shine their unique light. 269 more words

Angel Blog Article

Groupon SPC

Bought a Groupon-deal for Burger King. It was three kids meal for about $3. It’s a nice last day visit before going back to daycare and school tomorrow. 33 more words

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Golf Horse

Last weekend of Easter. Pretty good weather and lot’s of time with each other. Two main activities were the driving race (the boys and I did) and later on, riding mom’s horse Q. 68 more words

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6 Hours of Work

Mom got a special opportunity to train her horses but couldn’t have the boys while doing it so I took them to work. I had them until lunch then mom came an picked them up. 64 more words

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Warm Day

No jacket, no hats… well… I say.. Hoorraaaayyyy!!  Not long no before shorts and tank-tops :)

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