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How do you feel? What’s your experience like? You got to have a point of view. Täielik…

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I was in a rut in my life before joining the studio. Working a full time job that I was…

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The 5 of Cups

I feel as light as air today, drifting cottonseed playing with the warmth of the summer sun, careless…. heedless…. I feel like a child… though not the child that I was… the child I would have wanted to be, like those sweet angels that you see in the faded pictures of my mothers time… a time when children were children, or so we supposed, although I imagine that they may have been just as likely to be embroiled  in a world similar to the dark, torturous, semi-mythical place that I grew up in. 990 more words


The $5 Computer


In 2012 the Raspberry Pi was released, the Raspberry Pi was a a credit card sized computer which could be bought for the small price of $25.However, Raspberry Pi is quite literally only a pc, it doesn’t include a case, keyboard, monitor or keyboard. 276 more words