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No Shades of Grey in School

A pupil who dressed for Book Day/
As character Christian Grey/
Found this was not cool/
For these days in school/
The cane is no longer OK.
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50 Shades of World Book Day

I woke up this morning to some news from my local paper that at first made me chuckle but then actually quite saddened me. You see, as many of you know, it was World Book Day yesterday and many young kids went to school dressed as either their favourite literacy characters or characters which had costumes that their mothers deemed the easiest to  make the night before. 488 more words


50 Shades of Advertising IV

Yes, really. #OverheardintheOffice.

This is how we talk here.

We massage concepts and ideas.

It’s very hands-on.

And not a little weird and kinky.

I Love My Job In Advertising

50 Shades of Grey - Doggie Style

So, I think I may have shocked a few of my regulars and sparked a few new followers with this one. Yes, I did say you… 66 more words

Border Collie Brains

Small demonstration convinces Target store to drop 50 Shades of Grey merchandise

“Georgetown Target management buckled after a 75-minute demonstration outside its retail store on Monday and took down its Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise display. And there is more. 93 more words


Why curbs are assholes....

So just last week I had a post regarding the reasons why you should become a part of Greek Life. One last point was about a hilarious night I had before a four day weekend. 1,904 more words

Authors Answer 18 - Rewriting a Famous Ending

We’ve all read a book that we looked forward to, but were ultimately disappointed with.  But what if we were to rewrite the ending?  What would we do?  1,387 more words