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Why I love and hate 50 Shades Trilogy

So, I get asked this a lot.

Are my books like 50 shades of grey?

Now while I am willing to say no, I also have to say yes, they both are sort of love stories, they both involve detailed sex scenes, however, the 50 shades trilogy is not BDSM. 896 more words

Writing Erotic Novels

And Freedom Tastes of Reality

So given how I rage-quit the dare my best friend and I made to read E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey books very early and thus never made it into its literary sequels, I can not tell you how much of the James’ screenwriter husband Niall Leonard retained into the script of  1,154 more words

Three-Fifty Shades

So, like, when I talk about the movie WatchmenWatchmen, there’s a certain compliment I like to apply to a movie I otherwise dislike: the actors seem to be under the impression that they are in a very different movie than the director is making and they’re in a better movie. 906 more words

50 Shades of Distraction

I LOVED Fifty Shades of Grey. Boom. There I said it. Yes, the ‘inner goddess’ thing is a bit yawn and I can sort of see why all the feminists are up in arms but it’s got that clever little spark that always reels me in. 614 more words


50 shades of Grey review

(Note: this is a review of the series of books and movies combined)

Normally a review for a bad movie will go into the script, the acting, editing, etc. 318 more words

Amateur Writing

The Strange and Tortured Genius: Deconstructing a (Toxic) Trope

By Quinn Hopp

Oscar-winning movies and toxic masculinity.

Two topics that have been the epicenter of media attention lately.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen… 1,862 more words

Pop Culture

Ana Lopez

Ana Lopez is head of Digital Marketing at Damm Group Brewery (2009-2016). Her job consists of constant social media and internet advertisement for Estrella Damm. Her goal is always to position their brand on top of all competitors along with an inspiring reputation. 530 more words