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The Sunday Prompt #15 - Mini-Saga

A mini-saga is a story of exactly 50-words. It is also sometimes known as a dribble!

Every Sunday I am going to post a prompt to challenge you to write a short story of exactly 50-words. 45 more words

Writing Ideas And Prompts


Misunderstood! I blame the Stoics who made it a technical term. As an Ancient Greek verb, it meant “worthy of” rather than our use now as “foundational.” Axiomatic means speaking well rather than speaking the truth. 21 more words


Faux Pas

Only those who fly over the world never missteps, so they never learn. A faux pas breaks something, and this breaking reveals a social concern, a norm, a power structure. 21 more words



In my esurient selfishness, I forgot you, and so forgot myself. The late-night loneliness became a permanent fixture, the dull background I now hide in this husk. 28 more words



The gods unleash their images from afar, and we bow to their views. Everyone an expert with a five-minute satirical jab at another complicated issue. Self-satisfied, we nod our heads in agreement. 18 more words



Drunk with the power, the staggerer vacillates. Visionless, meaningless, and maniacal actions serve nothing but his own survival no matter what the cost to others. Then again, even vacillation needs a base, a ground. 19 more words



Sister sun bathing us with good things. Your ray sometimes harsh on our skin but nourishing for so much living. Here sprouts a stalk from a crack in the pavement; there a sequoia reaches towards you. 14 more words