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2 Chainz Gets High with $500k of Bongs and Dabs | Most Expensivest Shit | GQ

This is the most expensive shit ever. A $25,000 bong ?!?!!? Expensive ass dabs. 2 Chainz has been living the life. Off of sampling. I need his job. 12 more words

Cam Cooper's Super Hood

Happy Birthday to Me

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Today I turn 50! HOLY SHIT! How did that happen? When I was younger I wanted to live to 100. I guess I am half way there now. 1,114 more words

Ortopad Beige Eye Patches - Regular Size (50 Per Box)

Ortopad Orthoptic Eye Patches have been helping children successfully treat amblyopia (lazy eye) for over 10 years. Ortopad beige patches differ from other patches in that the stickers in every box make patching fun. 80 more words

My 50 day challenge to a happier me!


So, on the 4th July this year I am going on a school trip to Spain. For a while I’ve had 2 goals leading up to this trip and thats to speak Spanish well and to be in shape and have a nice body. 707 more words


The journey home: Retiree returns to Peace Corps 37 years later

At her retirement party, Lynne Newlon thought she was saying goodbye to her 30-year career in public service. For her, retirement meant more time at home with family and friends and finally tackling the stubborn home projects she had put off for years. 759 more words

From The Field

Desires of Safety - A 50 Word Saga

This is a 50 word saga that made me think back of how my life has been like, a throwback to when I was so deeply in love I was literally ready to give up everything in my life to be with the love of my life, something that I at times still look back on and wish things were different. 83 more words

16. Wear false eyelashes

Bela Lugosi once said “Women have a predestination for suffering”. He must have known a bit about what women choose to subject themselves to in search of ‘beauty’… waxing, threading, sculpting, plucking, extending… and the application of false eyelashes. 562 more words