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بازل عملاق 50 قطعة - القاهرة (مصر)

تفاصيل المنتج : العمر‏:‏ 3 سنوات أو أكتر البعد‏:‏50x50cm هدية‏:‏ واحد من عشرة كتب التاريخ لدينا للبيب و لبيبة بازل عملاق 50 قطعة – القاهرة (مصر) ‏\

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عالم الطفولة

50 isn't all that old - is it?

Part of a daily countdown to 50.

86. Migraines are the devil. That’s my post for 86 days out. They’re evil.

85. I got a text this week from a high school friend who said she’d been reading these posts and they were making her feel old, that it “doesn’t seem possible” that we should be this old. 275 more words

50 Facts about me

  1. My full name is Natalie Charmaine Cassandra Phyllis Carroll, I think my parents secretly hate me!
  2. I used to be able to speak Welsh fluently, but because I never used it I’ve forgotten most of it.
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