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Wow another milestone…500 Likes! Thanks to all who have contributed!!!

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My Barre-versary

2 years ago, I was on a girls’ trip out of town, and my best friend from high school dragged brought me to my first Pure Barre Class… 713 more words

Day 336

2 Kings 21:

After the Godly rule of Hezekiah came two dreadful generations given over to evil.  It is amazing to recognise that a good man’s son has the capacity to do such bad things.  404 more words

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Day 335

2 Kings 20:

Hezekiah faces another enemy, an enemy that all men and women must contend with.  Hezekiah grows sick and receives the news from the Prophet that it is time to set his house in order for he is about to die. 426 more words

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Day 334

2 Kings 19:

Hezekiah’s response to the threats of his enemy clearly display the reason that he is known as a good king.  His natural response is to cry out to the Lord and to seek out the Prophet Isaiah to hear the mind of the Lord.  321 more words

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Day 333

2 Kings 18:

After a long line of Kings that fail we come to a breath of fresh air! Hezekiah is one of the truly good kings.  377 more words

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Day 332

2 Kings 17:

Here we have the final judgement upon the Northern Tribes which have come to be known as Israel.  One more King, one more error of judgement and the trap is sprung.  387 more words

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