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Day 323

2 Kings 8:

Amidst all the important references to Kings, battles and political intrigue comes a story which demonstrates that the Lord has always been interested in individuals.  510 more words

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Day 322

2 Kings 7:

Elisha speaks out the word of the Lord and (as is often the case) it seems impossible!  The famine is severe and people are eating their children, a donkey’s head is a delicacy and doves droppings are considered the finest cuisine and yet the Lord proclaims that by tomorrow flour and barley will be cheaper than ever!  406 more words

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Day 321

2 Kings 6:

There are many different reactions possible towards the man or woman of God and some fairly intense ones are on display here.  Firstly we have people who look to the Prophet for the resolution of apparently simple problems (a lost axe-head), then we have a King who seeks to kill him because he is acting like a long-distance spy, we then have men who are dispatched to capture or kill him – who are then blinded, tricked and confused.  308 more words

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Day 320

2 Kings 5:

This chapter is filled with interesting characters and even more interesting reactions.  We start with Naaman the leader of the army of Syria, he is suffering from leprosy, he is told by his servant that there is a prophet in Israel who could heal his condition.  363 more words

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Day 319

2 Kings 4:

Elisha was a man of mighty miracles.  No other prophet or leader of Israel had such a miraculous touch upon his life except for Christ Himself.  336 more words

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Day 318

2 Kings 3:

Yet another King and yet another battle against the Moabites.  Jehoram was not a good King but his evil did not match the evil of Ahab and Jezebel.  382 more words

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Day 317

2 Kings 2:

The Bible is full of transition points and none is more spectacular than the handover from Elijah to Elisha.  Elisha wanted a double portion of Elijah’s spirit but he had to walk 54km to get it! 366 more words

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