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The psychology of "What If?"

Reality is a funny thing. Often times, quite literally, but when I say funny, what I really mean is strange. A simple act or sentence can sometimes have a ripple effect that we don’t recognize initially because well, we aren’t time travelers. 431 more words



They made a statue of us,

And put it on a mountain top.

“This is a story of boy meets girl.
But let me tell you upfront, that this is not a love story.” 612 more words


Are you enjoying our Movie Dance Numbers week?  Here’s one of my favorites:


8 Movies with Awesome Soundtracks

With The Oscars celebrating the biggest night for film this past Sunday night I wanted to include a post that listed some movies with exceptional soundtracks. 700 more words


About Time

Here is a series of posters I’ve recently designed, all inspired by one of my favorite designers, Saul Bass. I’ve always had a weakness for the 60s aesthetic so giving the retro treatment to some contemporary (in my opinion) classics was right up my alley. 17 more words

Film Poster

New on DVD: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby is the perfect anti-romance. It tells the story of a troubled relationship through both his and her viewpoint. The movie provides a beautiful commentary on the nature of relationships and how perspective can impact our opinions. 32 more words

Library News

Week 4: Photo Shoot

The past week has involved the main bulk of work towards ‘A Brief Description’, the photo shoot. When randomly selecting my word to interpret, I chose ‘passion’. 308 more words

A Brief Description