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(500) Days of Summer (2009)

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A Girl For All Seasons

A unique love story starts with a break up leading to a young man appraising his lost relationship… 1,723 more words

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Well Packaged and Well Recieved

As a director, Marc Webb shines with down to Earth simple stories, about connectable people in relatable or diverse situations. In his 2009 classic ‘(500) Days of Summer’ he showed this with the challenges and set backs of a seemingly cheesy but ultimately adult and complex relationship. 682 more words


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Director Marc Webb has always managed to bring films to life in a creatively entertaining manner. His three previous films have all been really enjoyable. 508 more words

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McKenna Grace is the star of the film and is herself a star in the making. She was adorable and charming and totally believable with very high level acting chops. 140 more words

Expectations vs. Reality

Of all the things I’ve learned on this crazy road to “adulthood,” one of the hardest to cope with has been this: that the process of reality not meeting your expectations can be tremendously tragic. 1,075 more words

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Romantic Comedy Structure

Romantic comedies like all films follow a certain structure, a certain set of codes and conventions. Traditionally, the romantic comedy genre centers around the idea of a boy meeting a girl and that no matter what happens their love will always strive through any obstacle that is thrown at the in the end. 402 more words

500 Days Of Summer **** (Out Of 4)

Consensus: “500 Days Of Summer” is far from your typical romantic comedy. In fact I would argue that it is not romantic at all. It depicts a relationship that I think a lot of people have experienced before. 26 more words

500 Days Of Summer