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But What About The Men???

I write a lot about women in fiction on this blog, to the point where I’ve had friends term it a feminist blog. But if you’ve ever wondered “jeez, Josh, you keep talking about women this and feminism that, what about the men!?”, well, this rant essay is for you. 725 more words

Ako Muna, Kahit Sandali

Hindi ko hihilingin sa ‘yo na sana
ako na lang
—ako na lang uli.
Katulad ng nangyari sa pelikula nila Popoy at Basha.

Mas lalong hindi ko hihilingin sa ‘yo na sana ako na lang ang magiging huli. 272 more words


Your Definition of 'Outdoors' Confuses Me

Ruby: I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.

Ginger: I know. You are usually more resistant to my charming persuasion.

Ruby: You have un-charming persuasion? 325 more words


Top 5 uses of music/song in film.

The use of a piece of music or a particular song in a film can raise the ordinary to the extraordinary, the mundane to the sublime. 273 more words


No, "500 Days of Summer" is not "relationship goals"

Here’s a challenge. Scroll through your social and count how many times you see “relationship goals” on candid photos of beautiful people. Now, this is a relatively new phenomenon, but the idea of idolizing couples who 1. 703 more words


500 Days of Summer - A Film That Changed My Life

Ah, 500 Days of Summer. I must have watched this film a hundred times over, with most of the times being after a break up or a confusion of the heart. 643 more words


Gifted- Trailer

As a director, Marc Webb doesn’t nearly get the credit he deserves. His (500) Days of Summer is a damn near perfect dramedy (a curious hybrid of a comedy and a drama, which in the recent past were simply called ‘movies’). 260 more words