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Top 10: Movie Quitting Scenes

As critical as employment is, most of us have an epic quitting plan on file.  Most of us will never use it, but we’d be lying if we said during hour two of an awful meeting we didn’t take it out, carefully review it, think of the perfect musical accompaniment, and refile it in our brain’s sanity file.  184 more words


500 Days


When I was in college I’d watch this movie often. I was a bit obsessed.

I believed so much in the fact that fate, was the constant in finding your partner. 185 more words


5 of my favorite Chick flick

The sun has come back, birds are singing , the temperature is rising … summer is only a month away !

I’ve just came back from my first gal week-end and it feels so good to take the time to go to the countryside, deep your feet into the (cold) water and have no specific plan for the day. 823 more words


Monday List: Top Five Noughties RomComs

Recently watching the adorable Love, Simon made me remember how much I love a good romcom. But as cute as Love, Simon was, the ones you really love are the ones from teenage cinema trips or sleepover binge-watching – the ones that you bought on DVD because they had great special features. 495 more words

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500 Days of Novel

Hi, I’m Tiffany Brown. Novelist.

Would-be novelist. Novelist-in-training. Novelist-in-waiting?

The fact is, the novel (that is My Novel… My First Novel) has begun. Yes, it has a life of its own, its journey has begun, it is now propelling forward through the space/time dimension of my life, hurtling (crawling?) apace through the many and varied obstacles in its path (some real, some very intangible.)   303 more words



The first time I remember watching karaoke was Cameron Diaz as Kimmie in My Best Friend’s Wedding. It was also the first time I remember seeing Cameron. 507 more words

Mumm-Ra - She's Got You High

I should add a disclaimer that I didn’t think to do before writing. I am not a music critic by any means. I’m just examining what I used to listen to. 474 more words