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Movie of the Week: 500 Days of Summer

I’m not gonna do this EVERY week since I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself given that I’m doing Book of the Week & Book vs Film (which won’t be frequent, it’s just if I have both the book & film with me) along with possibly a post on how my life is going/advice, but I thought may as well do this now after having just watched it! 842 more words

I'm only doing this because of the Oscar noms: Carol

Any time a movie’s trailer reminds me of that satire Swedish arthouse film from (500) Days of Summer, it’s a bad sign, but Carol rises above the scandalous Oscar-bate nonsense it advertises itself as and becomes the most enjoyable romance of 2015. 968 more words

Feature: Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Long Career at 35

From as young as the age of four, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt started entertaining audiences when he began acting in theater productions at school and in his community. 565 more words


Top 125: 91-100

Yesterday, we saw the list of films which demanded be included in my list, which is traditionally a Top 100, but which had to be expanded to fit all the films in worth mentioning. 922 more words

Top 125

ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL (2015) movie review

High school films fall short despite their attempts at brutal honesty. What Mean Girls meant to decades of squads unsung unrecognized, to those who never got their 15 minutes of… 197 more words