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Turn it Off

I was asked a simple little question: Is Television worth it? I started off by making calculations, like they told me to, in order to see how much it costs to maintain a TV filled life. 460 more words


Two Turns of Events

Assignment: Find Turning Points and tell why they’re important along with how they happened.

There aren’t  very many turning points in my life, but I do have a few. 505 more words


Notorious Gang Caught With Fake & Photocopied 500 And 1000 Notes

Operatives of the Rumuepirikom Division of the Rivers State Police Command, yesterday, October 18, 2016, arrested three people, Andrew Ogah, Ozoemena Okeke, and Helen Ozoemena Okeke in connection with circulating fake currency notes. 92 more words


Three Life Stories

Assignment: What are three stories in my life that I would have to include in my autobiography? 1st:

The day had arrived. The Contest was today. 520 more words


2002 Kawasaki EX 500 D Ninja Ignition Coil Set

2002 Kawasaki EX 500 D Ninja Ignition Coil Set

The Ignition Coils generate the high voltage required to fire the spark plug. Depending on the bike, the coils may be integrated with the spark plug boot (coil sticks), or they may be remotely mounted and transmit the spark to the plug through a spark plug wire and boot. 55 more words


Got this really awesome notification today! Thank you all for your support the past 10 months! Meeting and learning from each and every one of you has changed my life for the better! ❤