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New Gaming Store Coming To Leduc! (Games Collective)

One of the questions about Leduc for me has always been “why is there no Nerdy store here?” That questions a bit moot now though, since there will be a gaming store open there on October 15th! 74 more words


Stand with the Stormtroopers in fan film Jakku: First Wave

Who cares about Stormtroopers? Aside from a certain traitor we’ll dare to mention from The Force Awakens, they’re just faceless soldiers with clumsy armour and even clumsier aim, right? 276 more words


The Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch Customs

As Hasbro’s Black Series 6 Inch action figure line started to edge it’s way into my interest, so did the realization that I could have a lot of fun customizing them and that the possibilities were endless. 105 more words

Captain Rex

“The name’s Rex, but you’ll call me ‘captain’ or ‘sir’.”

Dedicated to one of the most iconic and important members of the Clone Wars.
Leader of the 501st Legion, a very strong willed and freethinker Clone. 131 more words


X-Wing Cockpit

August, 2016

A new friend in the 501st Legion is helping to build a very clever booth game for the Star Wars booth at an upcoming ComiCon in my area.   1,250 more words


How My Costume Building Beats Any Work Experience

Whenever I receive an email saying I don’t have work experience, I’m too nice to tell them they’re wrong. They’re just not looking in the right place. 1,002 more words

Star Wars Night at Busch Stadium

Cardinals fans, along with Stars Wars fans, found themselves surrounded by storm troopers and wookiees for Star Wars Night at Busch Stadium. See all of the Star Wars characters as they visit fans around the ballpark. #CardsInsider

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