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JFK50 2015 - Good, By The Numbers

“A good decision is based upon knowledge and not on numbers.” – Plato


You always remember your first time. Heightened expectations. Fear of the unknown. 1,672 more words


Circle Housing gets restructured to save £50m

Here’s a story on the 24dash housing website about Circle Housing readying themselves for £50m in cuts. Does a £1bn Merton regen project sound more like selling off their stock than anything else with this news? 25 more words


15 August 2015 - Saturday Sprints

We tried shaking things up a bit by adding a 60m flythrough to get a bit more from our sprinting muscles. It was hilarious. We couldn’t get our timings right. 35 more words


8 August 2015 - Saturday Sprints

Sprinted with the guys this weekend again – and did 10 x 50m with no considerable strain felt (even though I had a calf strain on the right from the double unders earlier in the week), so that was a positive! 38 more words


1 August 2015 - Sprinting Saturday

Back to some good old 50m sprints at the track on what seemed to be the coldest day of the year – I was so glad for the sun! 19 more words


11 July 2015 - Saturday Sprints


50 double unders as a warmup

20m sprint x 5
50m sprint x 5
25 single skips between each sprint

Score(in seconds):

  1. 3.38…
  2. 9 more words

4 July 2015 - Saturday Sprints

Sprints on a Saturday continued this weekend and these have been going well – I can definitely see an improvement in my explosive movements, which I think helps with my arm as well. 90 more words