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Inspiring Artist: Disintegration ft. Dita Von Teese

A dear friend sent me this link tonight, knowing that it perfectly captures the life I’ve led for years. From the picture perfect family crumbling down around her to the welcome attentions of a mosquito, this just about sums it up. 11 more words

Conquering Fear

Stepford Style - Self drafted dress.

I’ve been making 20’s inspired dresses lately, which is great but my first love is deffinately around the 40s/50s. when I saw this double sheet thrifting for £4 I knew this needed to be a Stepford / housewife style dress, right now. 849 more words

Vintage Queen

I thrifted this dress, which will appear in a haul at a later date, at one of my local shops and thought that it looked so close to the 50’s floral dresses housewives used to wear. 123 more words

Eye Candy

Beauty / Tying a Head Scarf

We all have days when our hair is messy and greasy and just downright rebelling against us. In most cases a ponytail/topknot or hat would be a suitable solution, but what about changing things up a bit and adding a little interest to any outfit with a headscarf around your rats nest, a la 40s/50s housewife?  260 more words


Shower Time! Bridal Shower, that is.

While the wedding is the bride’s “big day”, a bridal shower, usually an afternoon of food, games, and gifts, is such a special way to get the bride and her loved ones excited as that day approaches. 589 more words