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LoveLight Festival

This weekend. Three more days. I’m BEYOND excited! The LoveLight Festival is a yoga and music festival put on by the original producer of Woodstock. So cool! 1,184 more words

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#8- The Past Wasn't Always Simpler (50 Things I've Learned From Star Trek)

I think a lot of us, especially in American Christian subculture, have a penchant for romanticizing the past. “They were simpler times”, we hear people say all the time about the 1950s, or 1860s. 423 more words

50th Anniversary

#7- Bones Does Not Care About Red Alert (50 Things I've Learned From Star Trek)

Imagine you’re a red-shirted navigator-of-the-week on the bridge of the Enterprise during Star Trek’s first season. Mr. Spock is minding the bridge. Uhura is monitoring space frequencies. 246 more words

50th Anniversary

Celebrating 50 years of work to keep our waters clean

Raw sewage flowed from pipes at every street end. River waters in cities were so dead that fish would avoid swimming upstream. “Scum and toilet debris floated on the water,” said one person, shaking his head. 339 more words

Water Quality

Phillip Dyson

Internationally acclaimed concert pianist Phillip Dyson come to Camberley Theatre on November 18th. We caught up with him and asked him a few questions…

What’s your favourite thing about going on tour… 371 more words

50th Anniversary

#6- People Are Complex (50 Things I've Learned From Star Trek)

One of Star Trek‘s strengths has always been its ability to portray characters that would usually be considered villains as realistic, nuanced, and sympathetic individuals. 406 more words

50th Anniversary