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March 2: day ten

Wow. Ten days already?!! Wow. I’ve only been at this ten days?!!

#11. Make 51 gifts. (2/51)

Made a little pink birdie to go along with the blue birdie for Annie’s birthday. 241 more words


March 1: day nine

#5. Read 51 comics. (3/51)

I finished The Sculptor today, and wow. Just wow. Loved it.

#17. Visit the library 51 times. (1/51)

Rich, Annie, and I went to the Penfield Public LIbrary for the afternoon to do school work (Rich grading, Annie writing a play and doing her philosophy homework, and me reading a chapter in the science textbook and making an accompanying handout). 143 more words


Feb 28: day eight

Very slow day. One of the things I hate most about fibro is the way that a flare up that lasts more than a couple days tends to really sap my enthusiasm for life. 375 more words


Feb. 27: day seven

Wow–I can’t believe this marks one week down already.

#15. Take pictures of 51 different wild animals. (4/51)

Oh my gosh, what a freakin’ treat this was! 388 more words


Feb. 26: day six

#5. Read 51 comics. (2/51)

Finally finish The Eternal Smile. Should not have taken me so long, but I just seem to be in a reading slump. 370 more words


Feb. 25: day five

Another slow day. Frustrated by stupid fibro, I tried to push through it and be a bit more productive. I managed a ridiculously few things, before admitting that I had to respect what my body needed. 278 more words


Feb. 24: a likely look at what typical flare up days will look like

In other words, not a lot gets done. I’m learning to even quit trying when something’s not working for me. For example, I’d hoped I could get some thank you cards made yesterday, but found I couldn’t even stand at my crafting table for more than 5 minutes. 284 more words