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Ava (2020)

The deadly female assassin is turning into a bit of a trope these days: do we really need another take on it? Hmm, not so much. 301 more words


Little Bookshop of Murder - Maggie Blackburn

“Summer Merriweather slipped off her flip-flops, allowing the sand’s warmth to comfort the bottom of her feet like it had thousands of times before.”

I’m a sucker for stories about books and bookshops, and there’s something lovely about a good cosy mystery when you need some non-mentally-taxing reading.

494 more words

Mulan (2020)

The latest in the Disney live action (or not so much, with some of them) remakes continues with no little controversy. I can’t really comment much on the cultural issues, or the lead actress’s political comments. 535 more words


Walkers Taste Icons - Triple Review

Just like the appearance of the barn swallow or the blooming of crocuses, the arrival of British springtime can be observed in the arrival of six promotional Walkers crisp flavours of dubious appeal. 1,602 more words

Savoury Eats

Dracula in Love (2018, Izidore Musallam)

An occasional series where I write about works inspired by Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula…

These reviews reveal plot twists.

Setting: A warehouse in an unspecified part of North America. 649 more words


Raw Deal (1986, John Irvin)

For this film-by-film look at the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’ve been watching his movies in a random order and jotting down a few thoughts. The Schwarzenegger Says quotations are taken from Total Recall (2012), Arnie’s brilliantly bonkers autobiography. 603 more words