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Life Is Too Short

The snow started coming down out of nowhere. No one was expecting it to snow so much, not even the experts. It didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon even though it had only just started. 1,349 more words


Dark Night

The sun had set and all he could see were shadows cast in the moonlight. The park was empty and the streetlights were dim. He was sat on the bench waiting for her. 656 more words


Start Again

3 years of my life gone. All that’s left of him are our memories, some pictures and a goddamn necklace. And a bad aftertaste. He had kissed me goodbye and it hurt. 883 more words


Firewalking Through Cattle on a Sunday Morning

My heart pounded. My legs were shaking things that did not belong to me. My breath was hot. It hit the cool air that stirred just so. 547 more words


2/52 - "The Office War"

“Alex, she’s impossible to work with. No one gets along with her.”

It was my first day in the team, first in the whole company, and this is the first thing they told me. 907 more words

52 Stories

52 Short Stories

Welcome back, and happy new year! I hope your 2016 is off to a great start.

I know I’ve been quiet for a while. I’m not going to apologize, because it’s not the first time and, let’s be honest, probably won’t be the last. 532 more words


1/52 - "A New Beginning"

The prison social worker they sat me down with had beige trousers, a brown second hand flannel shirt and dark brown flat cap. He wasn’t much older than me, but he had a sense of maturity to him that made me feel uncomfortable. 839 more words

52 Stories