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I’m on a Neil Gaiman kick, I suppose. He wrote the novel this movie is based on, and because of that, it’s been on my radar for years. 370 more words


Fragile Things

I could write a thesis defense about why Neil Gaiman is one of the best living authors out there. I probably won’t write a review of  428 more words



Disney’s been on the rise the past few years, what with Tangled, Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, and all the live-action remakes they’ve been pumping out, and… 704 more words

52 Stories

The Catcher in the Rye

I’m breaking one of my rules, because this isn’t a new book for me. It’s one of my favorite required readings in high school. Something about the way it’s written and the ending really resonated with me when I first read it, and I decided to reread it for the first time since high school. 724 more words

52 Stories


This past week I found Kick-Ass at the local library, and I had to pick it up. I’ve seen the movie adaptation a few times. It’s irreverent, at times dark, and hilarious. 390 more words

52 Stories

2 Sisters: A Super-Spy Graphic Novel

I’m not completely obsessed with comics, although I do enjoy them. They do a great job combining visual and literary storytelling, and sometimes masterpieces such as… 598 more words

52 Stories


The coffeeshop Cam worked at was situated in the north end of downtown. It was close to the financial district and a university so there was a mix of suits and students. 1,080 more words