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4: Home

Sunday was the day of preparation. Laundry, sort, add bluing agent to whites, lavender powders to heaps, and since it was a bright, warm, one-cloud day, hang outside to dry. 2,625 more words

52 Stories

3: Asymptomatic Coloring

I wear red lipstick so my teeth look whiter when I bare them. Containers to each side of my mirror with my war paint. Apply with fingers, sweep and blend with brushes. 3,796 more words

52 Stories

2: Owl Kid

Vanessa’s mother was such a great programmer that she magicked the house into having ears and eyes. The air became cold or hot with a command, the doors and gates locked themselves against the world, and music played from speaker hidden in the flowerpots on the kitchen sill– or the radio, which both Vanessa and her mother listened to every day while sitting and preparing: pierogies, borscht, cabbage and beef, food to thicken the body and fortify the soul. 7,217 more words

52 Stories

Writing Prompt #2

Writing prompt for August 9th-16th, 2015:

Write a story about an AI.

52 Stories

1: The Kingdom of Ji-Ok

The plum blossoms snowed on the pines outside the boy-man’s house, and they were like white hands blessing the rough pine shingles, and from there, they fell to the ground and were trampled and bruised. 4,344 more words

52 Stories

52 Stories

This weekend it was my turn to take part in 52 Stories which is a fantastic project thought up by Cherry Hinton’s Spinney Primary School together with the surrounding libraries. 182 more words