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Tattoos, Beards, et cetera

Tattoos, Beards, et cetera

Individual or Conformist?

Are tattoos, beards, or piercings signs of being an individual or a member of the tribe, a conformist? There is no right or wrong here, just an observation and question about why so many sport obvious tattoos, beards, piercings, and the like. 400 more words

Dick Powell

Drim Beat: Communication

Drum Beat: Communication

My wife and I had the extreme privilege to spend a summer at Philmont Scout Ranch, in Cimarron, NM. It was my dream to work at the Ranch when I retired. 539 more words


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Soar 2 Success With Coaching Skills
52 Tips to Empowering Others and Becoming a Leader in Your Organization

Dick Powell

A Year of Natural Health & Beauty Tip #43: Soak Nails in Lemon to Remove Surface Stains

It’s no secret that I love to use lemons in my skin care. If you’ve been following along this year, you’ve already learned the benefits of using lemon in… 390 more words

A Year Of Natural Health & Beauty: 52 Tips

A Year of Natural Health & Beauty Tip #41: Take Off Your Shoes

One simple tip this week: take off your shoes!

I know, you paid a fortune for them / they’re super-cute / they’re “really actually comfortable.” 213 more words

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A Year of Natural Health & Beauty Tip #40: Relax & Focus in Just Ten Breaths

At this point, you’re well aware of the amazing multitude of benefits from meditation and deep relaxation.

In case you’ve forgotten, a few ways your body, mind, and spirit can be affected by slowing down include reduced… 454 more words

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A Year of Natural Health & Beauty Tip #33: Walk There

One simple tip this week: walk on your errands

How many times have you set out on a quick errand a mile or two away… 353 more words

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