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Week 22: Tree

I find the spanish moss that hangs from the branches of the trees beautiful.

Week 21: Minimalist

This week I have chosen to share a photo of the beauty of simplicity. This is my absolute favorite place to be. I am a certifiable beach bum and I like it that way. 8 more words

Week 20: Nature up Close

I am not a big fan of insects, bugs or anything of that sort. Hence why I love the beach. A lot less creepy crawly things around. 64 more words

Week 19: Family

This month has been super busy. This is a family I took photos were a happy and fun bunch. I decided to share a photo from that shoot. 23 more words

Week 18: Children

These little ones were a bundle of energy. It was such a fun to photograph people young and old having a blast. I loved every moment of it.

Week 17: Elderly

It has been pretty busy around here with photography and art projects. A good problem to have I think. This beautiful lady turned 95 and I had the privilege of  capturing some pretty awesome moments.

Week 16: Dancing

This was  supposed to be an ugly, stormy day. The rain stopped and the sun peeked through just in time for the photo shoot. It turned out to be a perfect day for dancing. 28 more words