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52 Week Photography Challenge/Week 41: Sun Flare

(Week 45- not 41!!)

Welcome back!

For once I was on track this week – no late night editing and rushing to get my photos. I was prepared and went out on the first sunny day we had, took the photos and looked forward to editing them. 211 more words

52 Week Project

52 Week Photography Challenge/Week 40: Bold Colours

Welcome back to my little ‘corner’ of the blog circle!

This weeks theme is bold colours and all I could think about for some reason were beach huts and sandcastle buckets – none of which are featured here! 168 more words

52 Week Photography Challenge/Week 41: High Contrast

Welcome back to the blog guys!

This week we’re taking on the theme of ‘high contrast’ and I was a bit stuck on what sort of images to go for but I went ahead and gave it a bash! 287 more words

Lee's Portrait: In a Chair

I had planned on this being Len, but our friend Hal stopped by. Lizzy loves Hal.


Lee's Artistic: Handmade

A bit late on this one. For now, this is a knitted blob, but someday it will be a shawl.


52 Week Photography Challenge/Week 39: Texture

This weeks blog theme is texture! I didn’t have anything in mind for once when planning this, then Thursday came around and boom I still had nothing! 85 more words

52 Week Project

Lee's Landscape: Get Low

I really like this one, but Len doesn’t as much. I like the light and that it is rather more abstract than a usual landscape.