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Lee's Landscape: Waterscape

I picked a different location for this one: this is from the first lighthouse we visited (we only went to two), Nobska Point Lighthouse.

And another one from the beach in Sandwich.


Lee's Portrait: Family

Getting caught up..This is my mom and I on the boardwalk in Sandwich and I really did take this picture with this assignment in mind. I suppose it isn’t really that much of a portrait? 14 more words


52 Week Photography Challenge/Week 29: Sky

This weeks theme was a little easier than the ‘comic’ theme last week! There’s always a sky; but there’s so many different skies you can capture. 343 more words

Lee's Artistic: Blue

Continuing with the water theme..

And here is another version of the Landscape – Simplify, taken the evening before (and almost exactly an hour earlier):


Lee's Landscape: Simplify

So, I actually took a picture on the weekend this was supposed to be done, but I didn’t finish the roll of film, then I ran out of time and went on vacation. 27 more words


52 Week Photography Challenge/Week 27: Comic

**Its actually week 28 excuse that!**

Oh man, what a week!
Welcome to this weeks theme of ‘comic’.

When I was first thinking of ideas for this one, I imagined ferrets. 274 more words

52 Week Project/Week 27: Bokeh

I’m late to this party and I’m gutted I only found out about it last week! Although this is week 27, it’s my week 1. The 52 week project was the main reason I started this blog, and each week a theme is posted to the group and each member will write a blog post then link to the next members blog, forming a ‘circle’ so you go through each until you reach where you started. 313 more words