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Section 529 plans provide valuable tax-advantaged savings oppor­tunity. You can choose a prepaid tuition plan to secure current tuition rates or a tax-advantaged savings plan to fund college expenses. 428 more words

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Pros and cons of 529 plans

While a 529 plan is commonly considered the “best college savings vehicle”, this option does have some downsides.

Reasons to use a 529 plan:
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Cutting College Costs -- Ideas For Students

Bright Futures Start with Being a Champion for Others’ Success

We have all heard the term “kids today.” It is usually followed up by a statement like: “they sure have it easy,” or “they just don’t have the work ethic of our generation.” What we must remember is that kids are just a reflection of us in the mirror of life. 752 more words

Benefits of Investing in a 529 College Savings Plan

This post is inspired by this comment “The best investment that you can make is in yourself”, which was made by a reader. Indeed, the best investment is to invest in your personal development or the development of your loved ones. 615 more words


Reaching your dreams takes a lot more than a little bit ‘o luck

Many symbols associated with St. Patrick’s Day signify luck. Shamrocks, horseshoes and the color green are often revered as tokens that promise bounties of good fortune. 463 more words

Now is the Time for Congress to Pass Legislation to Strengthen 529 Plans

This past month both the US Senate and House of Representatives introduced legislation to make enhancements to 529 College Savings Plans. These tax-free plans are used by millions of families to save for their children’s future higher education expenses. 402 more words

Poor timing of 529 withdrawals can cancel tax benefits

529 funds must be withdrawn and used within the same year that expenses are incurred to preserve tax benefits.

Question: My daughter’s college is offering a discount if you prepay in year one for all four years.

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