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529 Plan: Never Too Early to Save for College

By Ryan Crawley

One of the biggest concerns as your child gets older is college. Of course, you are going to have worries about which college your kid is going to attend. 784 more words


2017 August Passive Income Review

August was an average month for passive income. Compare to the second month of  last quarter, passive income went up by about $300. This increase was due to my company moving it’s dividend distribution from July to August. 289 more words

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Back to School

I wanted to take a short break from the series of blogs I’ve been writing to talk about the ever-growing, ever-looming issue of college tuition. For the time being, I only have to worry about sports fees and music music lessons but I know that in the blink of an eye I’m going to have two children in college at the same time.   589 more words

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Saving for College: 529 Plans

Summary: If you want to save for college, there’s probably no better choice for Coloradans than the College Invest 529 plan.

We live in an interesting time. 1,545 more words


The Silent Killer, Student Loans

This is a very large subject and will certainly require additional posts, but I chose this as my first post because I have major heartburn with it. 1,049 more words


How to Start College Investing for Your Child with a 529 Plan.

One of my gripes with the American education system is the lack of teachings about finances in high school and in college.

I got to a master’s level of education without one class required to teach me about a mutual fund, index fund, or IRA account!

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529 Day Inspired Learning Giveaway


At GET we believe that learning doesn’t begin or end in the classroom. It starts with the first question, and draws on the world around us for inspiration. 460 more words