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College Prep: Five Reasons to Study Up on 529 Plans

Millions of families striving to meet the mounting costs of college have flocked to 529 college savings plans.

For most investors, the plans’ main attractions are the potential for federal tax-deferred earnings growth and federal tax-free qualified withdrawals.1 The plans’ aggregate asset limits, which often exceed $200,000, also appeal to contributors concerned about the potential for a six-figure price tag on a four-year degree. 626 more words

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GET's Response to Lowered Tuition

Last night the Washington State Legislature passed a budget and accompanying legislation to lower tuition at the state’s colleges and universities. This legislation is expected to be signed into law by the Governor today. 584 more words

College Savings In Virginia

Higher education is important to success, but it is also expensive.

From the day some children are born saving towards college is the one of the first long term goals a parent has for their child. 139 more words

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It’s Never Too Late to Start a 529 College Savings Plan

And take advantage of federal and state income tax benefits.

By Anne Vaccaro Brady

Like some of our friends and relatives, my husband and I used a 529 plan to save for our kids’ college education. 743 more words


Happy 5/29! Why it's a good day to set up a 529 college savings plan

The cost of college keeps going up – and so does the need for higher education.

May 29 – 5/29 (get it?) is known as 529 Day, proclaimed by the financial services industry to nudge families into taking the step to prepare for college expenses. 433 more words


Saving for College - 529 Plan Vs. Educational IRA


Do you have a child or grandchild & you have several years before college, but you are already worried how you will pay for it? 453 more words

Forming Strong Habits is Key to Building a Bright Future

On Sunday, May 31, we will be closing out our 17th enrollment year here at GET. This time of year is always so encouraging, as we see thousands of families making the decision to… 489 more words