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'Tis De Ja Vous All Over Again: Popular College Savings Plans Getting Clobbered... Again!

What You Can Do To Prevent The Market From Making A Mess of Your College Plan!

Well I’m not sure where to start today because there is A LOT that I had wanted to talk about this week – like the fact that the College Board finally released scoring tables for the newly designed SAT, and it appears as if the math curve may be a little more forgiving than I had thought it would. 1,115 more words

College Funding

3 Tips to Maximize your Returns on 529 Savings Plan

It is that time of the year again, when your children are going back to school and you are busy dreaming about their bright future. Well, when it comes to a bright future, college education plays an extremely important role. 465 more words


529 Savings Plan - Another option to pay for college?

Saving for your child’s college expenses? Me too! And, believe me, we are not the only ones taking our seats on this boat.

With the rising cost of tuition at colleges and other post-secondary education institutions, more students have been driven to take student loans to pay for their education. 649 more words

Saving And Investment


A 529 college savings account is a special kind of investment account that allows you to save for your child’s post-secondary education expenses. Because of its tax benefits, it is one of the best ways available for parents to put money away for their kids’ college education. 83 more words


Paying a College Tuition Bill

The details on e-bills, setting up a parent payee account and payment options.

By Anne Vaccaro Brady

Along with everything else that has changed about college over the last couple of decades, the tuition bill has evolved, too. 748 more words


College Prep: Five Reasons to Study Up on 529 Plans

Millions of families striving to meet the mounting costs of college have flocked to 529 college savings plans.

For most investors, the plans’ main attractions are the potential for federal tax-deferred earnings growth and federal tax-free qualified withdrawals.1 The plans’ aggregate asset limits, which often exceed $200,000, also appeal to contributors concerned about the potential for a six-figure price tag on a four-year degree. 626 more words

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GET's Response to Lowered Tuition

Last night the Washington State Legislature passed a budget and accompanying legislation to lower tuition at the state’s colleges and universities. This legislation is expected to be signed into law by the Governor today. 584 more words