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Cost of College Comparison

Numbers flying around for how much college will cost makes it hard to put in perspective what it will mean for your financial household.  This article is intended to help rephrase these dollars into something more tangible.  781 more words

ABLE & 529's

So instead of blogging an article tonight, I’m just posting an update on ABLE account’s here in the state of Missouri. It seems that after much waiting around for our legislature to act, it’s now possible to take my mom’s 529  that she set up for my son back when he was born and transfer those funds into his newly established ABLE account. 14 more words


What is a 529 Plan?

College is getting more and more expensive by the year.  In 2016-2017, The College Board stated that the average instate public university cost around $20,000 dollars a year.  688 more words

529 Reasons My Daughter Won't Go to College


My toddler Eliza has entered the first of what I’m sure will be many stages of rebellion. 752 more words


Answers to your top college savings questions

Remember the days before the internet? It was almost impossible to access certain information, like song lyrics. People would go years singing the wrong words while insisting they were right. 1,607 more words

Financial Goals

Potential Tax Break For Grandparents

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I finally opened a 529 account!

I’ve been thinking about how I’ve slacked off on various money related things these days.  I’ve set so much on autopilot (which is good, for savings, paying bills, etc.) but then I sort of forgot to check in on or change anything.  504 more words

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