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College Saving Accounts: Compare the Options

Guest post from CommunityTax

Paying for college is one of the most common concerns I hear about from students and parents. The people at CommunityTax… 80 more words

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It's the Missouri Senate's world, the rest of us only get to live in it

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway released an audit titled: “General Assembly and Supporting Functions – Senate”.

In part:

….Despite recommendations in our two prior audits, the Senate continues to maintain the Senate Administrator’s Fund in a bank account outside the state treasury for the purpose of soliciting contributions from lobbyists to pay for meals provided to members and employees.

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Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy 5.29 oz

Mederma Stretch Marks

You can’t start a journey until you take the first step. Let Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy show you that you can do something about your stretch marks, and they don’t have to keep the real you from shining through. 88 more words

Hayate No Gotoku - Chapter 529 (Quick Review)

– Whoa !! Hisui was cool & scary at the same time.

– I’m really a lot more curious about Hisui after this chapter

– Sakuya sets out to do her task. 9 more words


Learning 529

With every blessing comes a burden. The mistake we make is wanting the blessing without the burden, but that’s not reality. The key is to learn to enjoy the blessing while the burden is still there. – Joel Osteen


Saving for college: It's easier than you think

I love watching my toddler learn. It’s truly rewarding (and often hilarious) to observe his determination when he’s solving a new problem. How do I put these batteries back in the TV remote? 821 more words


College Funding Options

How can you cover your child’s future college costs? Saving early (and often) may be the key for most families. Here are some college savings vehicles to consider. 882 more words

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