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The 3 types of college savers you'll meet

I can recite Goodnight Moon from memory, rank the best grocery stores based on availability of race car shopping carts, and miraculously find a mini yellow dump truck amidst a room full of toys. 1,162 more words


Saving For Your Child’s Education

Hello MABA family! As some of you know we were on break last week as my wife and I welcomed our first child into this world. 867 more words


Ask the grumpies: How to save for multiple kids' 529s?

First Gen American asks:

Once our mortgage is done again, we’ll swap that out with a 529 auto deposit option that comes out of both paychecks….which brings me to another question…Should we funnel a ton now into older kid and worry about younger kid later (he’s 4 years younger) or should we fund both at the same time now?

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Good Enough

YHC garnered an early spot on the BH Q sign up just hours after the Red Carpet event and still had to wait till today. 790 more words


Day 8

Hey everyone! Today was my first day of On the Job training at Animal Kingdom. I’m working Trails Operations at the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trails. I was really nervous, because I wanted to make a good impression on my trainers, but I was worried for nothing. 269 more words


College Savings Strategies

Fast forward a bit and your little newborn will be heading off to #college. You’ll be yelling “eat your vegetables!” as they pull out of the driveway. 905 more words