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New GOP Tax Bill- My Plans for 529s

Yes, although I’m still planning my wedding, and Mr. TMG and I don’t yet have children, my Type-A personality can’t help but think ahead and gleefully start planning for the future. 430 more words


Is what Ted Cruz does in the Senate relevant to you?

Sometimes, I talk to rank and file Christians and see what they are interested in. Sometimes, they are interested in parenting, sports, movies and the same sort of stuff that non-Christians are interested in. 687 more words


Religious schools, homeschoolers to get a boost in GOP tax plan, thanks to Ted Cruz and Mike Pence

ㅤ”With the Cruz amendment’s inclusion, passage of the bill would represent a major advancement for school choice at the federal level.”

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What is the Real Cost of a College Education?

I just came across this statistical analysis from Carpe Diem and the BLS.  Try to spot the outlier. (sarcasm) . It truly is astonishing what has happened to the cost of a variety of goods and services over the past 20 years.  52 more words

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