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Ask the grumpies: How to save for multiple kids' 529s?

First Gen American asks:

Once our mortgage is done again, we’ll swap that out with a 529 auto deposit option that comes out of both paychecks….which brings me to another question…Should we funnel a ton now into older kid and worry about younger kid later (he’s 4 years younger) or should we fund both at the same time now?

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Good Enough

YHC garnered an early spot on the BH Q sign up just hours after the Red Carpet event and still had to wait till today. 790 more words


Day 8

Hey everyone! Today was my first day of On the Job training at Animal Kingdom. I’m working Trails Operations at the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trails. I was really nervous, because I wanted to make a good impression on my trainers, but I was worried for nothing. 269 more words


College Savings Strategies

Fast forward a bit and your little newborn will be heading off to #college. You’ll be yelling “eat your vegetables!” as they pull out of the driveway. 905 more words


529 Loneliness [2002]

nights are so hard
to fall asleep to
loneliness is like insomnia
sleep a desire
but forbidden it seems
my heart feels a lurch
every time I see the empty bed… 117 more words


College tuition rises now depend more on China than domestic drivers

For decades, college tuition has risen at a significantly faster pace than the rate of inflation, having roughly tripled in the last 40 years in real terms (that is, even after adjusting for inflation) (Sources: … 698 more words

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College Planning: The Pros and Cons of Your Savings Options

College is expensive.  Especially when you have multiple kids and want to send each of them on your dime.  Of course the sooner you get started with a plan to save and invest, the better you and your children will be when they finally start the application process.   1,549 more words

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