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Faithful Companion

“You see, sometimes in life, the best thing for all that ails you has fur and four legs.” 

~Mark J. Asher, All That Ails You:  The Adventures of a Canine Caregiver… 219 more words



Bella just started a brand new year over at 52 Photos Project. It’s my second year of playing along and I love it. I love going inward to channel my own inspiration and then spiralling back out to go see what the others have come up with. 113 more words


two views of light

light outside:  the cold clarity of that liminal moment between the end of winter and the greening of spring…

light inside:  a warm, comfortable glow.

for week 47 of:

Creative Living


The clouds were low for two days. We get so much sunshine here it’s kind of a novelty when it’s this cloudy.

Then it rained and finally, at night it got cold enough to snow. 13 more words

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one more from Arches for

for week 35 of 52 photos project –  ‘roads I travel.’

Creative Living


Here’s a collage of morning and evening shots from lately. I’ve posted a lot of sunrise/set shots lately too because that’s what I see on my way to/from work every day in winter. 142 more words

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my desert sky

{In winter, roots sink down to anchor themselves in the center of the earth, and colors fly up to the heavens to escape the cold. I’m left stranded here, between worlds.} 6 more words

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