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52 Weeks of Gratitude: Week Two

Last week I introduced the 52 week gratitude challenge and explained why I am incorporating it into my blog. Therefore I consider my post from last week to be “week one: Why start this challenge.” 720 more words


52 Weeks of Gratitude

I think something that I personally struggle with, and something my generation struggles with, is being consistently negative, and not being thankful for what we have. 117 more words


Be a good Steward


Since the first moment I saw you, I lost myself within your eyes,
And everytime since like an epiphany, I realise.
I want to be someone that earns your respect, 510 more words

52 Traits

52 weeks of happy {18/52}

This picture makes me happy because..

Even thought it really doesn’t need an explanation on why it makes me happy, just look at his genuinely happy self just as I took this picture. 72 more words


Consistency is Key: 52 Weeks of Pilates

(Doug practices his hanging pull up)

Here at The Pilates Project, we believe that consistency is key to creating any kind lasting change. Our client, Doug, committed to that notion and completed 2 sessions a week for 52 weeks straight! 330 more words

52 weeks of happy {16/52}

This picture makes me happy because…

Since having Finley I’ve really struggled to hold down any genuine friends. Some falling outs due to nothing, moving away from where Finley was born and just genuinely not being able to make good relationships with other women (something I find hard). 94 more words


52 weeks of happy {14/52}

This picture makes me happy because…

For the first time in a long time I’ve been wide awake just before bed and both my boys have gone sleep. 35 more words