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I Have No Words.

Writing is an escape,
A place to feel at home.
Writing is a way to build,
Stories and poems,
Worlds that may not exist. 125 more words

12: The Machine Stops - E.M. Forster

Book 12/52 – The Machine Stops & The Celestial Omnibus, E.M. Forster (1928 & 1911). Yet another lend from a friend.

Happy Easter everybody! Or happy bank holiday if you are non-religious/non-chocolate worshipping. 324 more words


11: To the Lighthouse - Virginia Woolf

Book 11/52 – To the Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf (1927). The Last Bookshop, Bristol – 2 for £5

A mid-week treat for all you book lovers out there! 270 more words


10: Black and British - David Olusoga

Book 10/52 – Black and British: A Forgotten History, David Olusoga (2016). Waterstones purchase with Christmas voucher.

Hello folks! My book schedule is all out of whack due to reading this monstrosity. 450 more words


9: Women & Power - Mary Beard

Book 9/52 – Women & Power: A Manifesto, Mary Beard (2017). Yet another flat mate loan (different flat mate).

Happy Sunday book fans. I am inconsolable today – let me tell you why. 301 more words


7: White Teeth - Zadie Smith

Book 7/52 – White Teeth, Zadie Smith (2000). Flat-mate loan.

Week Seven folks! I have to say the book challenge has been going OK so far – this week was a little tough, wasn’t sure I would make it as this one is like 550 pages long… But I managed it – had a chilled weekend so far and a couple of long commutes so got all the reading in. 462 more words


5: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe - Douglas Adams

Book 5/52 – The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Douglas Adams (1980). The Last Bookshop, Bristol – 2 for £5

Happy Sunday book fans! 396 more words