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52 week-long experiments

Documenting this project—52 one-week experiments—on my Tumblr blog

The compleat list.

Documenting week 1: Weight workout every day 4/12-18


#52 Weeks - Early Spring 

 It’s only been 10 weeks of documenting how my kids are growing by taking a picture every week (usually I do it on Mondays) and I already can see differences. 50 more words


52 Weeks project - March

I have been doing this project for 3 months now, and I have to say, every week still remains a challenge. The biggest issue for me is to find inspiration to come up with ideas for the portraits. 248 more words


I Think I Lost Myself

One of the best parts of Bipolar II disorder are the hypomanic episodes. I never knew that for years my months of elation and extreme optimism (followed by months of extreme despair) were not innate and specific to my personality. 250 more words



I am not as organized with my photos this year and it is making these post more challenging.  I have to look back to see where I left off on photos and I have to double check which week it is. 294 more words


Week One- Selfie

Selfie (self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone). Now a days everyone takes selfies using the front facing camera, even i am guilty of that, usually put mine on Instagram every so often. 235 more words