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Why is it so important to have a truly independent Judiciary?

Some in the legal fraternity ponder over the appointment of our new Chief Justice recently.  With one retired and the short tenure of the new one, who should take over subsequently?   394 more words


Success Results From Silent Partner

Hollywood might be the last place you would expect to hear someone thanking God for their success in life.

Earlier this week actor Chris Pratt, best known for the popular film “Guardians of the Galaxy”, found his name enshrined on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. 462 more words


GE14 around the corner?

I have been often asked when is the next GE. And I always answered only the PM knows.

Apparently after attending some of BN retreats and workshops (and being part of the Naziran team in Selangor), I am inclined to say that they are still very much believe in the 3Ms ie money, machinery and medias as the main strategies to win election.   380 more words


Wisdom From A Helpful Bear

In life you can be the boulder or the water – and the choice makes all the difference in the world.

Years ago I found myself reading a quirky book relating Winnie the Pooh to the Eastern philosophy of Taoism. 471 more words


Human Rights must be guaranteed but it should not be the only consideration

A couple of weeks back, I was invited to speak at Suaram’s new office.  Suaram is an NGO that champion human rights for many years. 193 more words


Inner Voice Determines Outcomes

The other day a friend brought up the subject of one’s ‘inner voice’ – that unsolicited voice who speaks up without us ever asking for an opinion. 487 more words


Corruption is one of the cause of traffic accidents

To me two of the major obstacles that deter us from moving forward in most aspects are our education system and corruption. The previous is about its quality where it relates to the latter. 569 more words