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Banana Spreads Seeds of Humanity

Glancing at the side driver’s rear view mirror, I noticed a yellow banana sitting on the mirror of the pickup truck behind me. The light ahead remained red and I found myself watching the image. 474 more words



Jangan mudah percaya. Jangan mudah diperbodohkan. Dont be easily manipulated. Dalam hari dan minggu yang akan datang, kita akan terima pelbagai dan banyak video, mesej & gambar bagi tujuan menarik undi. 115 more words


Everyone Creates A Body Of Work

We tend to refer to the collective paintings by an artist or writings by an author as a body of work. And in doing so, we form opinions or project a value to their efforts. 469 more words


Who are the angels or devils in the 14th General Election?

Not all candidates from BN are devils and not all from DAP/PH are angels. The rakyats need someone who can truly serve sincerely, bring improvement in the respective constituency and voice out for the people without fear or favour.   9 more words


Join me in recognizing ESF graduate students

I am very pleased to let you know that

Dan Collins will continue as the ESF Open Academy Graduate Assistant for the 2018-19 academic year (his third!).  165 more words


ESF Online Education: The whole world and more...

Please share with colleagues the following opportunities to work here at ESF as part of our transformative online education initiative.  Two positons have been announced: 61 more words