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Indian Culture Cut Deep Into Rocks

“When I was a kid we would run all around here, climbing the ladders, jumping off the rocks.”

Simon is guiding me through a Pueblo settlement north of Santa Fe more than 800 years in the making. 468 more words


Dumb servers for personal clouds

I’m delighted to hear that my daughter and her best friend will be collaborating on a blog. And of course I’m tickled that she asked my advice on where to run it. 370 more words


Vision Is Not Always What You See

While leaving a hotel located on the Mescalero Apache reservation in New Mexico, the  doorman mentions a blind man needing a lift across town.

I look back to see a  neatly dressed young man with a small hat sitting on top of his raven black hair. 467 more words


eCybermission Program Fosters STEM Learning and Leadership at All Levels

This video (a preview version) recaps a SUNY ESF and Syracuse City School District collaboration in the eCybermission program, a virtual science fair that engaged students in deep STEM learning by asking them to identify and propose a solution to a problem in their own community.   100 more words


Celebrating Infrastructure

When cycling in forested New England countryside I sometimes wondered about the man-made forest built along the roadside — telephone poles, power lines, transformers — and thought someone should write a book about the industrial landscape. 451 more words


Arthur's box opening

On last Monday (5th June 2017) I was quite surprised. Our postman called me around 9am and asked if I was home because there was a… 506 more words


Batman, a Playboy Bunny, and me.

At fifteen years of age I met my childhood hero.

The black magic marker moved across the underside of my skateboard.

“Best of Bat Luck,” said the handwritten words. 478 more words