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55ers win over Culture Shoq's Big Mic Vol.12

So I was at Culture Shoq’s Big Mic at IBar the Monday before last. And for the first time, I actually won. :-p I strung together four 55-word stories that I chaptered into a larger narrative called ‘Monsoon Romance’. 52 more words

Pop Culture

Print Love

He simply could not give up his affinity towards seeing his name in print. It gave him a tremendous kick, just to see it spelled out in black and white. 33 more words

My Stories


It was a starry night. The rabbit looked at the tar road with weird curves going uphill. He stepped ahead. Suddenly there was a loud noise and lights. 27 more words

Short Story


He wrote a few lines and stopped. “What the hell am I doing?”, he thought.

“I just can’t think about something like that, not right now, or ever.” 42 more words

Short Story

Subtle Hints

“Trust me, please?”

she says, sprinkling in yearning with a fine hand.
He likes it mildly flavoured, not heavily spiced.

“I trust you implicitly”

he replies.

29 more words

The homecoming

His tears disarmed her. She had expected them to get engaged in a nonsensical word duel once more, but not this – ‘Don’t go. I love you  and can’t live without you.’ Mayhem arose within her. 33 more words