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Frontliner Ft Ellie Lose The Style

The special warm-up mix for XXlerator XX-Mas on the 25th of December, mixed by Code Black from Fusion Records! Visit http://www.XXlerator.nl for more info on the next XXlerator event! 215 more words

#566 - Describe the Tense Mood...

…in a courtroom just before the verdict is delivered.

It was thick, like a pudding of dread and desperate hope that filled the room.  Nobody talked minus the occasional awkward cough and humming. 

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Word of the day #56


I – de – al –ist

A person who cherishes or pursues high or noble principles.

Example: It was procrastination from an idealist.


Unvowing a vow

Offerings and their values, tithes: Leviticus 27

Following earlier warnings about not making rash vows, God gave a way out for those who did:

Leviticus 27:13 If you want to buy back the animal , you must pay the value set by the priest, plus 20 per cent.

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19 February, 2015 16:34

In a country that is often plagued by apathy, Tata Tea’s extremely successful Jaago Re campaign has done much to awaken social change since its launch in 2007. 62 more words