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NBA Free Agency Spending Is Absurd, And It's Not Changing

  • Casual observers of the NBA don’t realize just how much money has been thrown around to free agents over the past week.
  • It’s reaching a level never before imagined, and the expectation remains that spending will increase a great deal into the future.
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#BlackLivesMatter: avoidthegroid

Spencer Smith, 35, of San Ramon, had pleaded dindu nuffin in November to felony hit and run and misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter in the death of bicyclist Bo Hu, 57, of China. 53 more words


Nature | Mohn

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Mohn ist eine Pflanzengattung aus der Familie der Mohngewächse mit weltweit zwischen 50 und 120 Arten. 7 more words


My Pop Life #57 : Let's Push Things Forward - The Streets

Let’s Push Things Forward   –   The Streets

you’re listening to The Streets…Original Pirate Material…lock down your aerials

…you say that everything sounds the same…then you go buy them… 1,011 more words