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Written by Henry Naylor

Directed by Henry Naylor & Emma Buttler

ECHOES is what might be called a “plovel”, a hybrid of theater and prose that, judging by its ubiquity at the last several Brits off-Broadway festivals, is currently popular among UK playwrights.  624 more words

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Written by Aaron Loeb

Directed by Josh Costello

Merriam-Webster defines the word ideation as “the capacity for or the act of forming or entertaining ideas”. Tellingly, the first example given is “suicidal ideation”. 595 more words

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Written by Barry Malawer

Directed by Eric Tucker

Like John Patrick Shanley’s DOUBT, Barry Malawer’s tough, unflinching drama doesn’t provide any easy answers. The audience must decide for itself what really happened during the play’s pivotal event, and who should bear the guilt. 587 more words

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Back in December, I was attending a general-seating play at 59E59. I arrived early and chose my seat with care. When the house was almost full, A young woman and man came in, the woman pointed at a single seat elsewhere and told me I could go sit in it so she and her date could sit together. 184 more words

Deborah Magid

I and Him watching I and You

I and Him watching I and You 


By Ross

Walking into I and You at the 59E59 theatre, I knew very little.  Just the way I like to arrive at a play, and I rarely have that opportunity.   528 more words

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Written by Stephen Kaliski

Directed by Setphen Kaliski & Amanda Holston

As in a 1950’s sci fi movie, the exclamation point in the title of Stephen Kaliski’s dystopian satire signals the arrival of a frightening new era. 515 more words


Written & performed by Mark Thomas

Directed by Emma Callander

Impishly reversing the famous slogan “speak truth to power”, British comedian-anarchist Mark Thomas has had remarkable success in tricking the powerful into making startlingly self-incriminating confessions on camera. 582 more words