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Shackled Possessions

I’m a prisoner of my own emotions, not listening to reason or logic, following the traps of guaranteed turmoil.

Its war inside me, a struggle I chose to keep secret with no avenue to express this hurt yet the more I conceal, the more I drown. 228 more words

Late Night Poetry

When The Turn Up is Too Real

Now you know i have a good story on this one, because I have been the boring nerdy one in Bangkok, but looks like I turnt up this last weekend. 442 more words

Me, Myself And I

How to Wake Up Earlier

We all know the most successful people in the world wake up early, it’s just a fact. This begs the question if they can do it, why can’t the rest of us? 1,348 more words


Week 1 / Day 3 - Easy run

Today was another easy run.

Wake up time: 05:00

I could use a little bit more sleep but sometime life chores takes more than usual :) 43 more words


5AM Club: My First Day on the Path

The first day of my two month project on waking up everyday at 5AM was a success!

For me, the main difficulty of getting up isn’t the actual getting out of bed part but the phenomenon of staying up. 398 more words