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A Short Stream Of; 

Brain scans, master plans things that happen that make me understand. Fist fights inside his mind, ignore all the warning signs. Advice to think twice, bypass the function and leave me breathless. 297 more words


When you browse your late night history.

You find this and 30 drawings of Ocelot. Living the life.


New version of my 5am book project

OK, if you know me or follow me for more then a week, then you’re probably familiar with my project 5am, a series of photographs taken around 5am around different places in the world. 676 more words

Video Podcast

Just winging it

Monday morning rolled up again and with my alarm set for 0500 I snooze until I crawl out of bed… The trains to Manchester are ridiculously busy! 416 more words

It's The Little Things

I hope that one day you will turn and see the reflection of the sunset brighten their skin. That their once green eyes, would be exploding with stolen flecks of sunlight. 242 more words


Catching the Sunrise


Here is a quick shot from yesterday morning after a trip to the gym. The upload is a day late because I had to work both jobs yesterday and after work I came home, took a hot bath and it was right to bed. 62 more words



I miss the 5am’s
when thoughts were hopes
when thoughts were whizzing through the air
when thoughts translated into perfect words
and the typewriter would set afree a silence… 81 more words