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6 Tips to Join the 5AM Club

Get More Done While the World Is Sleeping

Are you a morning person? No matter. This good read can help you get there for better clarity, energy and enjoyment every day. 98 more words


Just go to sleep pleeeeaasee

​For me, my first born was the cutest, most adorable thing on the planet. No one had a child like mine. Oh no! He was perfect. 879 more words


Why I'm getting up at 5am for 50 days

When the amazing Umisha of Little Bird Kefir told me that she had set herself a challenge to wake up at 5am each morning for 50 days straight, I wasn’t that surprised. 1,852 more words

5am (Page poem)

I awoke today with a broken heart. Not a new break, but a more full and embodied consciousness of the despair I am carrying. Today I awoke weeping, desperately aware of my loneliness and longing to belong. 479 more words


The 5 a.m. workout

It may sound crazy, but I love to workout early, super early. At 5 a.m. to be precise. Yes I could lie in, but I don’t want to. 950 more words


Drabble thought at 5am...

Do you ever just feel the urge of asking yourself “why didn’t it worked out like I planned to?”

Like hell, you’ve planned everything and even calculated the possible other outcomes and got ready for it but hell no, everything you’ve prepared didn’t go the way you planned it to. 199 more words


Beach Run

Although this was last year, I still remember the beach practice that my basketball team had at 5 am. There’s nothing like doing leg workouts at sunrise with your teammates.