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How to Get Out of Bed at 5AM

Believe it or not, since I announced that I was training to run a half-marathon, the number one question hasn’t been, “Are you out of your f-ing mind?” I found that a bit surprising because – and this might come as a shock to those that know me – I’m not exactly the most “fit” person out there. 844 more words

5am? Try it.

“Oh my heart. 5am. The thought of it alone just makes me cringe. I can’t even. My mind, my body. Not functioning at 5am. Nope. Not happening. 993 more words



How much fuller is delicate light

no squinting or turning away

being able to open eyes wide and take it all in

night is full of unknown and voidness… 22 more words

5am is Not as Bad as it Sounds

I’m the kind of person who will schedule an 8am meeting even though I’m fully aware that any time I do this, I will instantly regret my decision the morning of when I’m struggling to get out of bed. 406 more words


Why I am going to get up at 5AM for the rest of the year

Since I’ve started this journey I’ve been looking for more time, for more productivity hacks. I think I might have decided that I need more time. 278 more words


Review: Sarah Téibo and Lisa McClendon @ Glory House, London

They say honesty is the best policy. That’s usually the case but in gospel music, artists are sometimes tempted to gloss over the issues they have and get on the stage. 475 more words



Yes, I am awake.

For this night
it’s making me think all the things I chose to avoid in sunny bright light.

Like how much I love the pitter-patter of raindrops. 150 more words