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i am 5am.

i am the last of the night sky
before the sun
scorches eyes
and torches skin.

i am huff-puffed
breath and silence,
the violence of fiery lung… 35 more words

5am (Spoken Word Version)

Check out the spoken word version of my song 5am.

Took out the guitar part and just delivered it a bit slower to make sure everyone gets each line. 48 more words

5 am

I woke up at 5 am

Realized I’m alone

and you’re 2,015 km away.

Maybe you’ll come around one day.

But for now, I’ll close my eyes… 51 more words


5 am cycling? Yes please!

Three days ago I initially planned to go cycling with my beloved little giant in the evening. It’s been ages that I rode my bike due to weather, travels and so on. 637 more words


5 After Midnight - Up In Here

So those from the UK may remember this cheeky trio. These guys are 5 After Midnight, a trio who entered the UK version of The X Factor last year, who ended up reaching the finals before coming 3rd in the overall competition. 347 more words


one, done.

just one
not much
(smile), but oh,
that sun still rises
and even in this
sticky hot fiery-lunged
morning, there is a (g)race.

Waking up at 5am for 21 days

Have you ever thought about waking up at 5am for a day?

I have and I have done it for 21 days! You might think I’m a little crazy, but hey you know how the old saying goes ” the early bird catches the worm.” Why 21 days? 214 more words