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Possibility of new life

For the last 113 mornings I’ve been getting up at 5am and going for a walk around my neighbourhood. A then-acquaintance on Facebook declared she was getting up at 5am as part of a 66-day challenge. 864 more words

Transformation, Inspiration


What do you do in the twilight hours? Are you a phone checker, Internet browser, book reader, film watcher, or eyes closed sleep grabber?

And what wakes you? 573 more words


Dreaming Among the Stars

I was once asked ‘why do you replace sleep with staring at the sky’, ‘you cannot ever be amongst the stars so why on earth bother’. 121 more words


A Moments Euphoria

You are as exquisitely beautiful as the stars and I am as mundane the earth I walk upon, but when we meet on the horizon a true vision of serenity can be seen. 26 more words


326 - 5am Eternal

Poem number 326
5am Eternal
I’m walking in the fucking rain
And in the fucking dark
Down the fucking road again
And through the fucking park… 41 more words


11pm thoughts...

11pm thoughts….

I should sleep early tonight.

dawn is filled with tedious promises.

I can no longer face these books,

I close my eyes, say a quick prayer. 48 more words


5am thoughts...

I just got off of my overnight shift, I apologize in advance for the errors. It’s been a long while since I last posted. I almost forgot New Year’s Eve is today, geez this year flew right by me. 248 more words