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Why I train at 5am.

In high school I was always into working out late at night, I never wanted to get up early and go to the gym. I did however train in the mornings before school for football, along with in the mornings during the summer. 779 more words



Morning meditation

Allowing breath in and beautiful intentions out

Grateful in chime my eyes open, my spirit rooted in true

Beautiful impermanence noted in each moment… 62 more words

Because home is not a place but a feeling relived countless times.

run (just) one

until it’s done.
until there’s an end
-orphin smile cracking
open your jaw as that sun
egg-yolks the sky.

run it speedy gonzales style… 33 more words

run four


she didn’t know she could,
until she did.

and then she died.
…….{just kidding}

but she did watch that wily sun slide
up into the sky like a lemon wedge… 33 more words

Dousemente Saint Louis

It takes me five long impatient days until my manic insecurity dies down, during this time I revisit every single angle and crook of low self esteem, self doubt, and bunches of other guck that surface on the edge of aloneness, unemployment, stillness. 431 more words