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Chemo is like a box of chocolates...

So, here I am, Wednesday after a Chemo Monday, and I don’t feel so crappy.  Maybe it’s because I’m looking forward to having my 5-FU unhooked in a few hours.  729 more words

Chemo & Cabin Fever

July has been a busy month! There has been lots of birthdays including my husband’s and outings to go with them too. I’ve also managed to fit in a concert and a mini break to Cornwall so I haven’t really given chemo a chance to get to me. 457 more words

Back in the Saddle

This past Monday we set out to Hadassah Hospital to begin a new round of chemotherapy.  After a solid breakfast we hit the road and, I’m pleased to report, parking wasn’t all that bad.  485 more words

Chemotherapy #8, out of 12 

This round of treatment has been smooth sailing compared to last. My Doctor eliminated the strongest drug, 5FU, in hopes I won’t get mouth sores. So far, only one sore has appeared. 254 more words

Chemotherapy #7, out of 12 

Being a cancer patient is hard on me mentally and physically. Most days I feel like “I got this” but other days I feel beat up and get angry and disconsolate. 339 more words

Recovering & Getting Back On The Bleach

On Friday I met with my new oncologist Professor Middleton to discuss the options available to me for my post op chemo. Professor Middleton is one of the top oncologists at the QE and treated Stephen Sutton during his battle with bowel cancer. 589 more words

Chemotherapy #6, out of 12

The morning of #6, my body preemptively felt anxious with an unsettled stomach. I believe my mind was playing tricks on me knowing that I would soon feel the side effects that chemo will have on me. 369 more words