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Recovering & Getting Back On The Bleach

On Friday I met with my new oncologist Professor Middleton to discuss the options available to me for my post op chemo. Professor Middleton is one of the top oncologists at the QE and treated Stephen Sutton during his battle with bowel cancer. 589 more words

Chemotherapy #6, out of 12

The morning of #6, my body preemptively felt anxious with an unsettled stomach. I believe my mind was playing tricks on me knowing that I would soon feel the side effects that chemo will have on me. 369 more words

Travels with a chemo pump

Having spent most of yesterday asleep, I’m thinking perhaps I was over-optimistic in assuming that the new chemotherapy regime would be a piece of cake. 235 more words

Bowel Cancer Chemotherapy

Chemo again tomorrow

Not very exciting but quite a relief: tomorrow’s chemotherapy will definitely go ahead as my neutrophils have finally struggled up to a relatively healthy 1.5. 145 more words

Bowel Cancer Chemotherapy

Friday, June 13,2014 infusion number3

It has been a good week.  Monday and Tuesday I was moving like molasses from the fatigue.  Thursday and Friday I was up all day long, actually getting some things done.   250 more words

Friday June 6, 2014

Friday June 6, 2014

Yesterday I had my second infusion treatment. It wasn’t much different than last weeks, but I thought I should expand the explanation.  752 more words