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All I Want For Christmas Is To Be Better

I’m back on chemo after a two week break and oh how I have missed that crushing fatigue and deep depressive state that follows a dose of good old bleach. 467 more words

Cancer & Me - 30 Years On (Chapter 13 - Chemo!)

Less than three weeks after my discharge from Queens Park Hospital I started chemotherapy at Christies; I had two different drugs, 5FU and Mitomycin on the first occasion and five more treatments at three-weekly intervals, 5FU every time and Mitomycin alternate times. 1,542 more words

Christie Hospital

Chemo is like a box of chocolates...

So, here I am, Wednesday after a Chemo Monday, and I don’t feel so crappy.  Maybe it’s because I’m looking forward to having my 5-FU unhooked in a few hours.  729 more words

Chemo & Cabin Fever

July has been a busy month! There has been lots of birthdays including my husband’s and outings to go with them too. I’ve also managed to fit in a concert and a mini break to Cornwall so I haven’t really given chemo a chance to get to me. 457 more words

Back in the Saddle

This past Monday we set out to Hadassah Hospital to begin a new round of chemotherapy.  After a solid breakfast we hit the road and, I’m pleased to report, parking wasn’t all that bad.  485 more words

Chemotherapy #8, out of 12 

This round of treatment has been smooth sailing compared to last. My Doctor eliminated the strongest drug, 5FU, in hopes I won’t get mouth sores. So far, only one sore has appeared. 254 more words

Chemotherapy #7, out of 12 

Being a cancer patient is hard on me mentally and physically. Most days I feel like “I got this” but other days I feel beat up and get angry and disconsolate. 339 more words