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Jewelcraft 5mm Crystal Rondelle Birthstone Beads - 5PK/MANY COLORS

Brilliant color shines from the outer edges of these beads. Make stylish earrings, necklaces and bracelets, embellish purses hats and clothing or create a special birthstone keepsake.
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Turquoise rose cuts

I like opaque rose cuts very much indeed – the faceting adds interest and liveliness and it’s just a bit unusual. I’ve been meaning to trial turquoise rose cuts for some time; turquoise is so enduringly popular, I always struggle to keep it stock, so I really hope you all like these. 273 more words

5mm White Pave Mariner Bracelet - 8 inches - 7.6 grams

Classic two tone mariner links with a pave cut. Made in Italy. Product SKU : C0513-L80M-TTAD3 Width : 5.1 mm Metal : Solid 14k Two Tone Availability : Ships within 1 Business Day Gender : Men
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50 Pcs 5mm Round Head Common Cathode RGB Light LED Emitting Diodes

Weight: 22g;
The white round head emitting diodes, with 4 pin terminals, can emit blue, green and red light, common cathode type;

Ideal for color displays, indicators, diagnostic or analytical equipment and etc.
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Stitching Practise: Small Serif

Following on from last weeks stem stitch, I have moved back to serifs, this week DKS.

These monograms are 5mm high, the ‘D’ is something I always try and work on as the downward curve is a little changeable for me. 81 more words

Weekly Stitching Practise

Rose quartz for a summer of love!

Joopy Gems rose quartz 5mm rose cut cabochon, $2.25

Joopy Gems rose quartz 6mm rose cut cabochon, $3.50

Joopy Gems rose quartz 6mm rose cut cabochon, $3.50… 402 more words

Double glazing

It’s been a while since I posted something, but now I think people are actually reading this so I thought I should post a bit more stuff. 379 more words