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5mm White Pave Mariner Bracelet - 8 inches - 7.6 grams

Classic two tone mariner links with a pave cut. Made in Italy. Product SKU : C0513-L80M-TTAD3 Width : 5.1 mm Metal : Solid 14k Two Tone Availability : Ships within 1 Business Day Gender : Men
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50 Pcs 5mm Round Head Common Cathode RGB Light LED Emitting Diodes

Weight: 22g;
The white round head emitting diodes, with 4 pin terminals, can emit blue, green and red light, common cathode type;

Ideal for color displays, indicators, diagnostic or analytical equipment and etc.
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Stitching Practise: Small Serif

Following on from last weeks stem stitch, I have moved back to serifs, this week DKS.

These monograms are 5mm high, the ‘D’ is something I always try and work on as the downward curve is a little changeable for me. 81 more words

Weekly Stitching Practise

Rose quartz for a summer of love!

Joopy Gems rose quartz 5mm rose cut cabochon, $2.25

Joopy Gems rose quartz 6mm rose cut cabochon, $3.50

Joopy Gems rose quartz 6mm rose cut cabochon, $3.50… 402 more words

Double glazing

It’s been a while since I posted something, but now I think people are actually reading this so I thought I should post a bit more stuff. 379 more words

Review: Metaphys 44112

Metaphys notebooks are created by a Japanese design company, with stationery being just one of their product lines (others include dishes, bags, lighting).

Logos on the front cover is a gamble, but I like the minimal typography, so it sits well with me. 211 more words


Stitching Practise:Mini serif 5mm

Stem stitch is the only stitch used in these monograms, this is on the fine poplin again. The ‘O’ in the bottom set as you can see raised off the line which i tried to control in the second one but it didn’t look as round the second time. 18 more words

Weekly Stitching Practise