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Orientasi Menanamkan Budaya Balas Dendam?

Sekarang lagi masa-masanya orientasi kan, bagi mahasiswa baru? Gimana rasanya menjadi mahasiswa baru yang harus mengikuti semua kegiatan kaderisasi dan patuh pada kakak tingkat? Senang? Bangga? 1,292 more words

Mona Yonatha Anatasha

5S Your Life!

One of the most powerful Lean tools introduced to the business world through the Toyota Production System is called 5S. Simply put, 5S is set of steps to organize the workplace so that work can be done more efficiently. 164 more words

Goal Setting

Samsung Galaxy S7

Not really a fan of big mobile phone brands. I would usually go for whatever’s appealing to me at the moment. My husband was the one who asked me to please, please get an S7 so I would stop complaining that my cheap phone sucks. 151 more words



Businesspeople need feedback to guide their careers and direct business results. Feedback is given for only two reasons–to maintain or change behaviors. 113 more words

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