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The 5S tool is used to organise the workplace. 5S is named for the initials of the 5 stages that comprise the process of organising the workplace are: 178 more words



While McGowan developed his seven principles of persuasion based on what makes a good television sound bite, many of the principles work in a wide variety of uncomfortable situations, including those encountered on the job. 347 more words

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How "Shine" Became My Favourite of the 5 "S"-es

I became acquainted with the 5S methodology and its wide range of applications when I attended my first Lean Awareness training.

Later on, as a lean trainer, I got to explore the history of this methodology, its connection to the Japanese JIT ( just-in-time) concept, and its migration from the manufacturing world of Toyota to other industries and fields including visual management and the visual workplace. 1,098 more words

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By identifying the right moments to offer feedback, managers can be more effective in facilitating positive organizational change. Examples of some of the best times managers can give others feedback include: 152 more words

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Orientasi Menanamkan Budaya Balas Dendam?

Sekarang lagi masa-masanya orientasi kan, bagi mahasiswa baru? Gimana rasanya menjadi mahasiswa baru yang harus mengikuti semua kegiatan kaderisasi dan patuh pada kakak tingkat? Senang? Bangga? 1,292 more words

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