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Plans are plenty, results are empty! – Anonymous

I have heard a lot of people who come out with wonderful ideas and solutions that will make our life more easy, simple and worthwhile.

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Seiketsu means to standardize. The main problem in standardizing the household is that every household is different. Each function on a different level due to the people involved in it. 136 more words



Once you are done with the logical sorting and organizing of things, the next is to ensure that you don’t let clutter to come to your house. 556 more words


Do you practice 5S at home?

The beauty of 5S is that is simple and can be used everywhere.  In one of my recent 5S implementations I was not getting the buying from my maintenance crew until I mention examples of 5S at home.   220 more words

The Beginning


Is just sorting enough? Does it not require a place to be put down? A place where it can call its own? Sorting and not following the other steps is similar to having planned life and not executing it. 356 more words


The 5S Principles

In the previous post I mentioned about 5S principles to be applied in the household. Let us see how each of them can make life simpler in the house. 330 more words


If He Wakes - Zoe Lea

After taking part in the blog tour yesterday I decided to write up a slightly longer review to share my thoughts on this book with you all. 391 more words