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King my Queen

I want a King who can line himself up.

And I’m not talking bout no little haircut.

Sit down and feel it from the bottom to the top. 176 more words

Love And Relationships

The Vortex of Creation

While karma could be compared to a wheel that spins in a circle, evolution is more like a spiral, and life itself is a vortex. The power that supports all created forms, the vortex imbues the physical with life. 127 more words


The Law of Free Will

The Earth plane is unique in that emotions get full play here. Free will allows all. And we can all can enjoy the Ferris Wheel of Karma and Drama as long as we want, returning for experience after experience; one life experience as the victor, and the next as the victim. 97 more words


The New Currency

The wealth of this planet cannot be measured in precious stones, metals or any material thing. It can only be measured in the courage and drive of the people who are the heart and soul of the planet. 97 more words


Your Divine Being

Your Divine Being, in its original state of consciousness—is connected to everything, even while in the illusion of duality, and in the density of matter. This Being realizes that there is nothing outside him, realizes that he is equal to all, and lives inside his creation in a state of respect, love, abundance, and freedom. 106 more words


The Shift

We stand at the threshold of the most powerful leap in human evolution: this leap will not be physical or technological — it will be a quantum leap in consciousness. 96 more words