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Yesterday was great, I took the whole day off of any potential worries about work, finances etc, and I realized that I had been pushing myself very hard over the past few months, and especially when my old reality, my old job, my old environment and my old role, started to break down. 451 more words

Going Back?

This journey through life is truly a one-way trip. You can never go back to where you were just a moment before, even if you wish it. 355 more words

5th Dimension

A quik #giggl b4 i go

A quik giggle before i go
is stripped away with the words
“the impunity of immunity”
aWARe to see the deviant SOUL of
humanity LOST without a trace
to the oath once embraced.


Gregg Prescott @ in5d.com - Moving Into 5D - Hidden In Plain Sight - 6-1-15

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5d.com



Imagine moving into your new lightbody while the ruling elite watch you ‘ascend‘? Many times, Hollywood hides messages in plain sight. 507 more words