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Living With Purpose ~ A BeTheLight Podcast


Blessings…my beautiful brothers and sisters!!! We are in an unprecedented time of Divine Awakening and Heart Expansion on this earth realm!!  Many of us are stepping into greater Self Awareness and Empowerment than every dreamt of….and we are beginning to recognize how vital to and entwined in the ever-flowing tapestry of LIFE we are!! 68 more words


Disarm ... 11 October 2015

*With the deepest apologies to Billy Corgan, George Michael, and the O’Jays…*

Today will not be a long-winded post about what is happening, fellow woo-woos. We all know what is going on, and I do not want to add to the mountain of fear-mongering or give my 2 cents worth of ill-informed advice. 78 more words


Optimism Equals Clarity

How do you know when you’re seeing life clearly? When you’re feeling Optimistic! A sense of Optimism—an Inner Sense that everything’s going to work out just fine… 639 more words


The Creation Power that resides within Headdresses and Crowns: Mystery School Teachings

Stepping into the High Priestesses

During my walk with the Goddess I was guided by spirit (and my very persistent guides) to make a Head Lei (Haku) with the local Ferns and Flowers. 1,539 more words


The Power of Rituals

What is a ritual? For the purpose of this article, I’m going to define a ritual as something you do for your Well-Being, every day, at a specific time or place. 588 more words


As Energias

Então o que aconteceu com as energias que eram para supostamente atingir o planeta Terra  depois da última Tétrade da Lua de Sangue? A tal chamada… 316 more words

5ª Dimensão

The Energies

So what about the energies that have supposedly hit planet Earth on the 28th of September, after the last Blood Red Moon Tetrad? The so called… 323 more words

5ª Dimensão