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A little Meditation to adjust to the current Frequency Shifts

We have been through a whole lot this past month: solar flares, light portals, frequency shifts, lunar eclipses, fall equinox, mercury retrograde…wait, am I forgetting something? 432 more words

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is not a product of managing one’s emotions; rather, it is in Loving the one who feels any emotion, at any time, no matter how inconvenient of a time it is. 1,691 more words


Today is the day!

Today, 28th of September of 2015, supposedly is the day when we have what is called The Event Horizon! When the so called Wave X hits the planet and infuses it with gamma rays that will alter our DNA from carbon based to… 329 more words

5ª Dimensão

Quit trying to make your mark. You are your mark!

Quit trying to make your mark.You are your mark!

So many of us are looking ahead for what we want, who we want to be, what we want to create and manifest. 463 more words


What Does It Mean To Have Faith?

  • Faith means you cease trying to micro-manage your actions, because you know that regardless of the strategy you employ on the Chessboard of Life, everything’s going to work out just fine!
  • 340 more words

Holy Shift Batman!

Ok, so we all know about this shift occurring right now. Well, I assume most of you that are reading this do. So I have known for a while SOMETHING was going to happen. 694 more words


How Do You Maintain A High Vibration?

There are two misconceptions about maintaining a high vibration which I want to address. The first is about the word maintaining. Some people have gotten the idea that they have to constantly maintain a high vibration, and that means that they shouldn’t ever feel negative emotions. 609 more words