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Alexandrian Kosmos - Getting Ready For The Guidance, 5th Dimension - April 14 - May 14 2016


Alexandrian Kosmos   –   Getting Ready For The Guidance April 14 – May 14 2016



In Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, each and every single Soul, the emerging Man of Light Soul and the Lightworker Soul, will begin on equal status with the ability to give, share, and receive the Spiritual Essence of Love, for Love Creates ALL Things within the Universe! 988 more words

STEVE BECKOW - Getting to the Heart of the Matter - Creating a New Culture of Communication - 3-25-16

March 25, 2016 by Steve Beckow

Think of bonding communication and action communication as two rooms we’re building in the house called “Communication.” Committed speaking is a tool – a hammer or a saw – that we use in building those rooms. 708 more words

Decree ~ The Golden Etheric City of Tamarinaqea Representing the 8th Ray


As I am working within the Universal Laws,

I am guided to visit the beautiful Golden City of Tamaraeqea, 965 more words

5th Dimension

How a Persecution Complex becomes the Devil's Playground

Per.se.cu.tion com.plex: noun 1.(psychol) an acute irrational fear that other people are plotting one’s downfall and that they are responsible for one’s failures.

This mental state can be experienced on a personal level or an ethnocentric level (feeling that my people, my family, my tribe or my religion is under attack.) Maintaining the persecution complex as an unconscious mindset denies one the opportunity to practice self-analysis which, in turn, keeps them the victim because they will never come to a place where they can observe why others are responding to them with disdain. 1,261 more words

Spiritual Awakening

DIANE CANFIELD: "March Energy Madness ~ Equinox, Eclipse and Beyond"

by Diane Canfield,

Hello Beloved Souls,

March Madness is in full swing. To recap we have had non-stop energy coming in since the beginning of March and before. 1,451 more words