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What is 5D? Entering the fifth dimension

Edited/re-published from August 2011 – as explained by the Elohim.

In order to understand the evolution into the fifth dimension, it helps to see the world in a different way. 1,133 more words

5th Dimension

Mystic Babe Guide to Starseeds

By Lindsay

“The difference between those who bear the starseed and those who do not is that the Star People are aware that they are citizens of more than the universe, more than one level of being, more than one dimensional essence.” 860 more words

Uplifiting Joyful Music

The 5th Dimension (no, not the band) is known to be of higher, faster vibration that envelops us in joyful, loving feelings… So I now share this nice band that I have discovered browsing the net “by chance”: … 249 more words

5ª Dimensão

The Arcturians ~ Using Higher Light ~ Posted August 17, 2015

Do you feel as I feel? In my world, time is disappearing as my past becomes distant, and my future is not present. I guess I AM in the NOW moment just about all the time! 2,569 more words

Clearing Negative Entities or Energies from your Crystals Part II – Negative Entities that Just Won’t Go Away

Okay, in the course of cleaning your crystals which you should be doing on a daily basis or when the need arises, you might have had the opportunity to face some “really really tough opponents”. 138 more words

Interdimensional Communication

Davidji- Free Weekly Guided Meditations

Davidji is an internationally known teacher of meditation techniques and the author of Secrets of Meditation (Hay House, 2012). He was formerly associated with the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California. 90 more words

Ridge Keough @ in5d.com - Understanding The 5th Dimension - 8-14-15

by Ridge Keough,

The 5th dimensional reality is becoming a frequency in which humanity is growing into everyday. Our sights, smells, tastes are all changing as we… 1,818 more words