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Frankenstein VR: Rebooting a dead (virtual) DJ ... 15 years on

In late 1999 and for most of 2000 I spent almost every waking hour laboring on a virtual reality project in a basement at the back of the Trinity College campus, in Dublin.   1,622 more words


Matt Kahn: Energy Update April 2015 - Demystifying Ascension, Part 2 - Entering the 5th Dimension - 4-1-15

Matt Kahn  – Demystifying Ascension, Part 2

Part 1

As we shift into a 5D reality of heart-centered unity consciousness, let us decode more myths about ascension as a way of fulfilling the Divine’s highest destiny. 2,154 more words


USA - 1971

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Man Sells Unconditional Love on Craigslist for $0

Vancouver man, Brice Royer, who is battling cancer, is selling something amazing.

In the second most expensive city in the world, what Royer is selling is his most prized possession and one of the hottest commodities in the world – unconditional love. 1,590 more words


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Hi EveryOnes, This Blog and Its Concepts are Wonderful, (Spiritually) Revolutionary, Speak to/of my Own Heart's Hope for Humanity, and Absolutely Deserve to be Re-Blogged. I'll Add my Own US$0.00 (Zero) Unconditional Love Real Estate Sale to It, the only Change I'll Add is that It's not only our Planet that's for "Sale"--Also Included are All Planets in our Solar System, Other Solar Systems in our Galaxy, Other Timelines, Other Dimensions, other Space/Time Continuums. All we must Do for "Purchasing," is Send out Daily, Minute Thoughts of Pure, Unconditional Love--and Mean It! How? Apply The following Ingredients into Your Daily Mindset: "Express Unconditional Acceptance to your least-liked Person; Walk a Mile in the Shoes of Anyone Whom You find Yoursef Judging; Finally: Apply a Policy of Non-Interference, unless Specifically Asked for Help. I call these: "The Tripod Concept," and for 25 yrs., have been striving to Apply them, in All Aspects, (albeit, many times failing miserably...). The Point is To Never Quit Striving Applying Unconditional Love in *All* your Interactions. After all, Isn't this The Most Basic of All Human Needs? _____ PS. The Same Applies to Business Dealings! Please, Lets Do Away with the: "It's Just Business; you Understand..." awfull Excuse, once and for all (on this note an excellent book to Read is: "The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community," by David C. Korten). My (Unconditional) Love To All! Namastè,

A Conversation with the Elohim about The Earth Hologram and Beyond the Beyond Timelines

This conversation with the Elohim took place last November. I have found it helpful in starting to understand the Mirror Matrix – which has just moved to a new phase of activation. 809 more words

5th Dimension

Feeling it?

Are you feeling the new, higher energies coming in? I am. I feel much lighter and sometimes I feel a humming energy, especially if I listen to a meditation or go for a walk in nature. 41 more words

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