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Feeling it?

Are you feeling the new, higher energies coming in? I am. I feel much lighter and sometimes I feel a humming energy, especially if I listen to a meditation or go for a walk in nature. 41 more words

Learn About The New Age


Hi guys!! :)

We are not ready to leave this magical plane, but you know.. where there’s light, there’s some dark too. If you have the courage to enter the most awful hotel that you will see in your whole life, you can continue along this road. 484 more words

Amusement Parks

Super Moon is Upon Us with March Activations

On March 20th, 2015 we are going to experience a powerful intersection of energies coming into the planet with the New Moon, a Solar Eclipse, and the Equinox all within the same day. 1,018 more words


Speaking Of Sasquatch - Sasquatch Ontario Documentary

Love that our multi-dimensional family of Hairy Folk are coming out to play again with us. YAY! Or maybe I’ve just raised my vibration enough to be able to connect again. 23 more words


dream #3

i look like saoirse ronan copied millions of times trapped in a system similar to matthew mcconaughey in interstellar (the 5th dimension of time with all the bookshelves) 548 more words


I Was Flying...

And this photo pretty much captures what that felt like. (media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com)

I’ve been a partner in a 3-month trade whereby I support a vibrational clearing practitioner with focused positive support, shamanic/tarot readings, and broad metaphysical messages received from the Guides. 712 more words

Personal Experiences

Perceiving Energy Fields

Perceiving Energy Fields: Arcturian/Galactic message and conversation with Shawnna

by Suzanne Lie, Multidimensions

March 12, 2015

Many of you are having problems with your memory. You may not be sure if that problem is because you are increasingly slipping into the NOW, or if you are having an issue with your earth vessel. 2,206 more words