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The Birth of Matter

The universe is a cosmic dance of energy and form: Spirit twirls clockwise to form Matter, and Matter rotates counterclockwise as it dissolves back into energy. 77 more words


Unplug From the Matrix: The Wheel of Karma

The seers of antiquity used their formidable powers to see what happens when people die. They saw that when the average being dies on Earth, the awareness that has been enhanced by their life experience is consumed by a seemingly all-powerful entity… 114 more words


The Seers and Personal Freedom

I believe that the seers saw the process of evolution, the way that the awareness of all beings evolves in tandem with all other forms of life, so that all consciousness can evolve. 150 more words


The 5th Dimension as Imagined in the Movie Interstellar

In 2014, a film named Interstellar explored the possibility of a fifth dimension. In the movie, a future version of humanity that has evolved to higher consciousness comes “back” to save us. 216 more words


The da Vinci Virus

The freethinking individual represents the natural evolution of mankind: this is what the Controllers fear. Throughout history, mankind has been advanced by the individual — not by the state, the religion, or the collective. 184 more words


Living in the Fifth Dimension

We are no longer living in the confines of 3rd dimensional space, time and depth. We are operating within new freedoms and perceptions. The old show Twilight Zone comes to mind. 236 more words

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The Weird Fifth Dimension

Just as the third dimension may be incomprehensible to an inhabitant of the second dimension, a higher dimension is very difficult for us to understand, because our minds are conditioned to a linear perspective of comfortable absolutes. 145 more words