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Succulent Still Lifes

The fifth grade students drew these succulent still lifes. They tried their best to render all of the details of potted succulents placed before them. We discussed ways to convey their different shapes and textures. 11 more words

5th Grade

Blending Google Forms with Fraction Work

Today we took an assessment covering multiplication and division of fractions and decimals. I changed things up a bit, however, by having students record their answers in Google Forms. 31 more words



The fifth grade students used these beetles as a way to learn about texture and value.  They were challenged to use value to help convey the texture of something bumpy, shiny, and furry.   38 more words

5th Grade

Story: Commotion on the Ocean 🦀🐳🐙

Explore the undersea world by discovering what animals lie beneath! After an introductory poem, we are introduced to 16 different ocean-going animals, including crabs, sharks, dolphins and polar bears. 21 more words

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Summer Art Camps

I have started receiving emails asking about summer art camps.  In addition to the list of locations below, I will also be hosting a few camps here at Hyde Park.   328 more words