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Hello! Welcome to the blog I will use for all of my Spanish Classes. Here, you will be able to find the activities the classes did for the day, any homework and due dates, as well as important reminders about tests, quizzes and projects. 39 more words


5th Grade Banyan Trees

This is my all time favorite lesson that I have ever done. Literally every single student was successful. The 5th graders learned about banyan trees, watched a presentation, and then two different short movies showing the worlds biggest banyan tree. 96 more words

5th Grade

Pop Art Self Portraits

Oh Pop Art – the source of endless interesting discussions/potential projects/pinterest pages. Alas, I could only fit in one self portrait project inspired by Lichtenstein. 56 more words

Art Education

Curriculum Plans for the 2015 - 2016 Year

As August is quickly approaching I’ve been gathering our books and jotting down plans for the upcoming school year. Our oldest is starting 5th grade and has stayed on target or a little ahead of schedule in most subjects. 388 more words


5th grade...

Once upon a time, in another life, the summer season was my slowest time of the year.  These days – it is the busiest.

None the less – 5th grade starts in 5 weeks!   607 more words

Classroom Setup // First Day in the Classroom!

Today was my first day in my new classroom! I absolutely adore it. It’s a little smaller than my last classroom, but at the same time it felt like I had more space since my last classroom was a converted science lab and had a giant counter/sink in the middle of the room (it was actually off center, but it felt like the middle). 433 more words

5th Grade

5th Grade // A Little Backstory

Since this is my first time blogging ever, and my first time actually typing something longer than an email since I graduated college (which feels like forever ago but was only a year and 2 months ago), I will try to be as organized in my writing as I can… 412 more words

5th Grade