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Value Weaving Self Portraits

What do you so when you are scrambling for an end for an end of the year project that will keep 5th graders engaged and  402 more words

Art Education

Listening Carefully to Student Thinking

Recently, I have been reviewing a new “CCSS-Aligned” middle school curriculum and find myself completely frustrated with the overabundance of scaffolding and lack of student thinking required on every assignment. 513 more words

5th Grade

My own Pack of Dorks...

Back in March, I had my first “After School Book Club” meeting with 12 kids in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. This is my first program for this age group at my position, so I was TOTALLY PSYCHED about hanging out with these kids for an hour. 256 more words

The end of 5th grade & how to deal with those angry birds in your life

Just so you know Miss Neenee has kicked 5th grade to the curb.  To the curb, I tell you.  She came, she saw, she conquered 5th grade.  196 more words

Miss Neenee

5th Grade Pixel Art

I got this idea from another teacher here in MCPS and tweaked and changed it a little bit. I really wanted to incorporate the students’ chrome books here in the art room – and it ended up being so so fun! 175 more words

5th Grade

5th Grade Abbey Road

I teamed up with the music teacher to prepare some artwork for the spring concert. This years theme was,  “Rock and Roll Forever.” The 5th Grade students were singing a Beatles song, so I thought I could combine the “Abbey Road” album cover and 1-Point Perspective. 42 more words

5th Grade

Tinyartroom is on Instagram!

After years of bombarding my friends and family on Instagram with tons of photos of my students’ artwork , I finally decided to create an account just for the Tinyartroom. 22 more words

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