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Growing Up

I actually predicted this, months ago.

In the late August heat, moving quickly, almost randomly, from classroom cleaning, decorating, planning, meetings, and back to cleaning once more. 483 more words


Christmas Memes for Teachers

Thanksgiving break has been delightful!  A whole week to…do laundry, cook, catch up on housework, clean out closets, fix the dishwasher, replace a door, and of course sleep in, Netflix, spend time with the family and eat yummy food.  33 more words

5th Grade

Graphing Temperature Change- Open Middle Problem

Directions: Using the numbers 1-9 at most once each time, create a graph that represents the temperature change over seven days.

  1. Overall temperature change is six degrees…
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Double Bar Graph- Open Middle Problem

Directions: Using the numbers 1-8 at most once each time, create a graph that represents the number of boys and girls participating in soccer, football, baseball and basketball. 75 more words

Open Middle

Preparation for the first written test

I Write the following sentences into the present simple or the present continuous tense.

  1. William always __________ (eat) fruit for breakfast, but today he _______ (have) bacon and eggs.
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5th Grade

The Thing About Jellyfish

The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin
Grades: 5+
Rating: ♦♦♦♦
This beautifully written chapter book brings the reader into the complex world of Suzy, a girl in middle school whose one-time best friend recently drowned. 54 more words

What We Read Today

If you could get anything in the entire world right now, what would it be?

– Me


– Hiroaki, 5th grade boy

This conversation led up to a lesson on shopping.

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