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Invasive Species- 5th Grade 

5th Grade students began their ecosystem unit this week. We started by learning about an ecosystem’s biodiversity. We looked at how each part played an important role in helping the ecosystems energy flow by playing a dice game. 47 more words

5th Grade

Book Orders

Book orders are going home this afternoon and there are so many good options for the kids! If you prefer to search for the perfect book online, here is the link for the online fliers: 134 more words

Rhombus vs Diamond

Every year in 5th grade, when we begin classifying quadrilaterals, students will continually call a rhombus a diamond. It never fails. While doing a Which One Doesn’t Belong in 3rd grade yesterday, the same thing happened, so Christopher’s tweet came at the most perfect time! 478 more words

"I Don't Like You" and Other Musings

I’m tired. The students are tired. We’re all hanging in there til this weekend’s 4-day President’s Day extravaganza. I’m trying very hard to stay positive, despite how I’m feeling in the classroom. 470 more words


Задание на время карантина

  1. повторить some, any, no (к сам.раб.) (видео и записи в тетр.) + прежнее задание AB p.36, CB ex.4 p.33
  2. AB p.38 (CD), p.42 (CD)
  3. CB p.35 выписать незнакомые слова с переводом в тетрадь. Читать и переводить.

Blending Instruction with Schoology

I walked into Lori Vantol’s 5th grade classroom at Havens, and the classroom was alive with learning. Students were engaged in conversation about math, discussing problems that had been posted to Schoology, and watching as a group of students hurriedly scribbled answers on the board. 331 more words

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