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TTSH, Gate Booster mod

If you’re all new into how analog synthesizers can be controlled, you may first want to take a look at this Wiki article on CV/Gate… 1,245 more words


Getting two extra pairs of VCC/GND on Arduino Uno (and others) - SyedTips - 4

We often come across projects where we’d like to quickly hook up a sensor or an actuator that works on 5V to an Arduino (Uno and others) without using a breadboard. 42 more words


Ask Hackaday: Is The ESP8266 5V Tolerant?

The ESP8266 is the reigning WiFi wonderchip, quickly securing its reputation as the go-to platform for an entire ecosystem of wireless devices. There’s nothing that beats the ESP8266 on a capability vs. 462 more words

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SRF-02 Ultrasonic Sensor with I2C

Yesterday I was able to install the SRF-02 ultrasonic sensor on my quadrocopter.

Range: approx. 15 cm – 6m
Speed: up to 15.38 measurements per second (65ms between measurements) 771 more words


The Starting to use the Arduino Pro Mini.

The Arduino Pro min is a cut down version of a full size Arduino. The number of components used have been reduced to a minimum to reduce the size. 434 more words


解難:圖傳訊號間歇地轉弱,跟電流有關 ?

我的 Diatone ET160/150mm (微型無人機) , 在安裝 OSD 之前,圖傳影像流暢。但當加裝 OSD 模組及升級了更大輸出的圖傳輸出後 (由 200mw -> 500mw) ,便發現圖傳訊號會間歇地轉弱、然後畫面跳動,最後就失去影像訊號的問題。 經多過番測試後,發現是由於電壓(V)由高至低轉換後,導至輸出電流 (A) 不足而產生問題。問題成因是跟 Diatone ET160 附帶的 Power Distribution Board 有關,以下的測試例子,表示問題跟 OSD 和圖傳之間的型號配搭無關。 76 more words