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Management of the Open Abdomen after Severe Abdominal Sepsis

Prad Shanmugasundaram

Managing a patient with an open abdomen on the intensive care unit presents a complex challenge requiring a multidisciplinary approach to the critical decision-making steps. 912 more words

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Intraabdominal Hypertension & Abdominal Compartment Syndrome

David Garry

What is the current evidence for the management of intra abdominal hypertension (IAH)?

Normal IAP in critically ill patients is around 6-7mmHg. IAH is defined as an IAP greater than 12 mmHg, abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS) is defined as an IAP greater than 20 with new organ failure(s) (1). 383 more words

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On-Demand Re-Laparotomy for Severe Secondary Peritonitis

David Garry

Do patients with severe secondary peritonitis benefit from on-demand relaparotomy or planned relaparotomy?

Abdominal sepsis (secondary peritonitis) is associated with a high mortality rate (20-60%, mean 30%), long hospital stays and high morbidity from sepsis and organ failures. 727 more words

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Are We in the Midst of a Writing Crisis?

I imagine most people would agree that in life, room for improvement exists for all aspects. There is certainly no writing crisis in the United States. 302 more words

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Adobe releases Lightroom 6.1 / CC 2015.1 / iOS 1.5

Lightroom 6.1

For perpetual license holders, Adobe has released Lightroom 6.1. Like it’s predecessors (versions 1-5), Lightroom 6.x users will continue to enjoy these updates throughout the Lightroom 6 cycle. 108 more words


The Triumphant Return

After the worlds-shattering drama following their announcement that flying would not be happening in Draenor at all, Blizzard has changed their minds and decided it bring it back, but… 401 more words

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