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6.1 Identify and plan professional learning needs

Demonstrate an understanding of the role of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers in identifying professional learning needs.

We know that successful students are the product of quality teaching so having a set of standards that teachers have to adhere to will hopefully ensure that we have quality teachers coming through the ranks. 51 more words

K.J. Hannah Greenberg: Hedgie

This morning we thought we’d hit you with a quickie, this delightful Hedgie by K.J. Hanna Greenberg [>>]:

This illustration appeared first in issue #6.1 — available for… 13 more words


TOTD: Fort Hill "Marks"

Not only is this the happy drop day of a new song, it’s the first song from Ethan Heyenga operating under the name, Fort Hill. What a way to debut! 88 more words

Year 8 and 9 Meeting

A small part of my duties as a teacher is not only to engage with colleagues to share ideas and information regarding best practice, but also to knowing and complying with the codes of conduct within the organisation. 591 more words


Final Points: 1.3, 7.1, 7.3

The above information relates to the notes I took at Parent-Teacher interviews I was able to attend – as available, the key thing I learnt was to provide evidence to substantiate your observations of a certain student, and since everything at that school was available to parents online, the onus was largely on them to keep track of their children’s progress. 463 more words


Clever Capital

Canberra must be the most successful planned city in Australia. Getting nicknames like the clever capital, the bush capital, the cycling city didn’t come from thin air. 140 more words