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The Happy Sleeper

Saturday night:

Who do I believe: myself, my partner, my baby, my own mom, my sisters who both have toddlers, the moms in my Mommy & Me group, other friends who have babies, the breast feeding community (book: Sweet Sleep), attachment parenting sleep styles (which means I have a baby barnacle attached to my nipples all night and barely sleep but is the path of least resistance) or the sleep training community (now my soul is dying)? 1,094 more words

Sleep Depravation 

Big news story for a six-month-old baby – Gia’s sleep has been awful. Occasionally she’ll sleep five hours at a time, but for the most part, since November, she’s had trouble falling asleep, wakes up every hour or two, nurses for an hour, or is awake crying or wanting to play in the middle of the night. 398 more words

6-12 Months

Oui, oui! 2 Weeks in Montpellier

Two weeks solo with a baby in France. We would all miss having our whole family together most dreadfully. At the same time it’s pretty empowering that we live in a day and age where it is feasible for a woman to take her daughter with her at all, not to mention alone, on a long-ish work trip. 1,666 more words

International Travel

Blue hearts

Warm and snuggly, a side fastening cardigan in a pretty wool-blend yarn. Perfect for blustery winter days – fully washable, super practical. Click on the image to go straight to eBay.

Original Design

Seattle: Travels to the Emerald City

Firsts are always hard to contemplate. When a sudden need arose for me to be in Seattle on very short notice, it was early in my baby travel career. 507 more words

Babies love borsch - bébé goes to Kiev


  • Airlines have bassinets. They are free.
  • Hotels have cribs! Just request one before you arrive!
  • People the world over love babies
  • Even in a time of crisis, Ukraine was a wonderful place to travel with a child…
  • 566 more words
International Travel

Put your baby on the floor. Like, a lot.

If I were to travel back in time to when Jasper was a wee baby, I might just give myself a seemingly crazy piece of advice. 608 more words

Montessori Philosophy