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Khi nào giới thiệu các chế phẩm từ sữa cho con

Một số cha mẹ quan tâm về việc cho bé ăn váng sữa, sữa chưa, phô mai, sữa uống lên men như thế nào? Buổi nào trong ngày là tốt nhất? 537 more words


Dear Father Hood: got any tips for surviving rainy days?

Ah yes, rainy days. Enemy of mums and dads worldwide. If it’s hot and dry, we can take off a few layers and go outside. If it’s cold and dry, we can add on a few layers and go outside. 605 more words

Are you ever worried that you're doing it wrong?

Yes, I am. I mean, there’s all the SEO stuff to think about. And then I wonder if I am using the right Twitter hashtags… 730 more words

What oil/fat to use for my child?

I took a photo this morning of all of my oils in my cupboard and was astonished to see how many different types of oils I have and have been reflecting how confusing this has to be for parents with children. 658 more words

6-12 Months

What makes a nursery good or bad?

Do I look like I work for the nursery inspection section of Ofsted? No, I don’t, but I guess that’s why you’re reading this post. After all, there is only so much detail you can digest before your mouth beings to trot out platitudes like: 1,231 more words

Why do stag weekend dads get so drunk on the first night?

Stag. Stag. Stag. Awooo. Awooo. Awooo. Apologies for the excitable start to this answer, but I am just back from a three-day stag in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik. 567 more words

Water for babies - how much to give?

With this hot weather in Europe, it is the right time to discuss how much water a baby needs. Per kg of body weight the fluid requirements of a baby is much higher than and adult, but because of their smaller size they can dehydrate much faster than adults (not only with hot weather but also with diarrhoea and/or vomiting). 438 more words

6-12 Months