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Moving on in weaning - a confusing process

Through recent correspondance with parents, it has become apparent to me again, how difficult the progression through weaning can be, as you are bombarded with advice from friends, family members and books. 632 more words

6-12 Months

From dirt to probiotics

The most common question I get in my clinic is about which probiotics should be used in children. The answer I give unfortunately can be quite disappointing for some parents because my answer is usually quite vague, unless I know specific research exists related to a specific strain of probiotic and a specific diagnosis. 414 more words

6-12 Months


Bạn có biết, ở trẻ sơ sinh thì việc ngủ đủ nhiều khi có ý nghĩa quan trọng hơn cả các trò chơi vận động, tắm nắng hay bổ sung vitamin mà các mẹ hay lo lắng và sốt sắng đưa vào cơ thể bé. 1,180 more words


The Fifth Trimester and beyond: How Dads can bond with older babies

By the time a baby hits the three-month milestone, most families have settled into a comfortable routine.  Most babies by this point are sleeping for longer during the night (5-6 hours), which gives both parents a much-needed break. 1,583 more words

How to make your baby's Halloween memorable and candy-free

It’s October, which means that Halloween is coming up! If there’s any holiday associated with candy and all those sugary treats that your baby isn’t allowed to eat yet, it’s Halloween. 658 more words


Khi nào giới thiệu các chế phẩm từ sữa cho con

Một số cha mẹ quan tâm về việc cho bé ăn váng sữa, sữa chưa, phô mai, sữa uống lên men như thế nào? Buổi nào trong ngày là tốt nhất? 537 more words

0-6 Months

Dear Father Hood: got any tips for surviving rainy days?

Ah yes, rainy days. Enemy of mums and dads worldwide. If it’s hot and dry, we can take off a few layers and go outside. If it’s cold and dry, we can add on a few layers and go outside. 605 more words