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Sustainable Buildings on Campus (Part 1)

Engaging in sustainability and responsible leaders goes beyond the classroom curriculum. It must also be engrained into the business school itself on its campus. A growing number of business schools and universities are not just putting in place strategies to ‘green’ their buildings on campus, but certifying these buildings through different national and international schemes. 818 more words


Engaging Stakeholders in Prioritising Issues – ISAE/FGV

Stakeholder engagement is an important tool for Universities to involve those groups and individuals who impact and are impacted by the Universities’ activities and programmes. Working with stakeholders provides the opportunity to explore a School’s strengths, look at what risks and opportunities exist and develop new ideas. 722 more words


Communicating your Big Picture through your SIP Report- Ivey Business School

One of the requirements of being a PRME signatory is regular submission of Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports. These reports provide a unique opportunity to bring together the different activities, individuals and groups working on campus on topics related to PRME to develop the reports, and to share their activities internally and externally. 1,320 more words


Introducing All Students to Not-for-Profit Management – Peter J. Tobin College of Business

One of the many skills that business school students should have upon graduation is the ability to understand and work with a range of different types of stakeholders, including not-for-profits (NFPs). 1,035 more words


March 8th is International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day has been observed since the early 1900’s. It represents an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality. This year the theme is “Make it Happen” (follow #MakeitHappen on social media) and is an opportunity to explore how both women and men can become stronger catalysts for change. 815 more words


A Selection of MOOCs on Sustainability/Ethics for Spring 2015

There are a growing number of MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) being offered on a range of sustainability and ethical topics. These courses are available for free online, open to anyone with an interest in the topic, and they last between three and fourteen weeks and take between three and eight hours of time per week to complete. 666 more words


Engaging with Local Government – Examples from Turkey, Brazil, Australia, US, UK and Latvia

Over the past couple of years I have seen a significant increase in business school partnerships with government, and in particular local government. These partnerships are becoming more structured and focused, engaging not just faculty but students and staff, providing meaningful learning opportunities for students while contributing to moving the city’s sustainability strategies and policies forward. 517 more words