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Sleepy Tucker

I have exciting news!! Tucker slept the entire night in the bed without making a peep! Normally Tucker gets restless at about 5 am or so because its getting closer to the time we wake up.  161 more words

First solids experience

We planned my son’s first solids experience to be on the Friday after he turns 6 months. I steamed chip-sized Japanese squash and mashed some too. 219 more words

6 Months

Tucker Turns 6 Months!!

We are very excited to announce our handsome devil is a spectacular 6 months old! I can’t believe it! He turned 6 months yesterday.  He is such a big boy now.  264 more words

Gemma Paisley - 6 Months

A whole HALF A YEAR has passed since Gemma was born.  So hard to wrap my brain around that little nugget of information.  So now I have a 25 month old (I think it’s time for me to stop referring to Ashton’s age in months.   676 more words

Cloth Diapering: It's a lot easier than you think!

Before giving birth, my husband and I thought that cloth diapering would be so time consuming and tedious. After 5 months, we realised we’ve been buying too much disposable diapers and cotton. 583 more words

5 Months

Items that weren't used or useful in the last 6 months

So we bought almost everything in the US last Thanksgiving 2014. We had everything delivered to HK from the US by myus.com. We loved almost everything we bought and I’d say we used about 95% of those. 318 more words


My Sunday Photo - From the cutting room floor

Our little munchkin turned 6 months old yesterday. Taking the monthly photo is getting more tricky as the months go by, as now he just won’t stay still, and everything has to be tasted. 11 more words

Baby Boy