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Mister Independent

Henry continues to establish his independence.  At this stage, he wants to feed himself.  First it was the bottle, then a spoon, and now it is the puree pouches and finger foods. 30 more words



its 2am and I’m wide awake. At the risk of waking the baby, the dog, and the husband, I’m not making a peep and silently adding this post via my iPhone. 150 more words



Despite the fact that this photo makes Henry look unhappy, I assure you no babies were hurt in the making of this post!;)

His face is a direct result of a lemon! 77 more words


NutJob at 6 Months - A Comparison

I’m reposting this from a little over two years ago from my previous blog, just for comparison (and my own personal interest!)

Weight: 19lb 1. 376 more words


6 Months On

So, 6 months ago my son was born & my life as a early twenties guy turned into a nursery rhyme expert and professional baby food aimer. 191 more words


Changzhou Highlight Reel


This is a tiny, tiny piece of what ILP Changzhou Spring 2015 was for us. Enjoy. 


Breaking the Swaddle

At six months old, Henry still loves the swaddle. LOVES.

We are aware that now that he can turn, flip, + move that we need to retire it, but it really is the magic tool to get him to sleep. 39 more words