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Quechua 6WC - Weeks 1 & 2 Recap

So far so good! I’m starting to recognise words and basic phrases when I watch the news. I’ve also been dreaming in Quechua, so it’s certainly getting into my head. 248 more words

6 Week Challenge

One Hundred Ninety-Nine

199.8 pounds.

That’s what the scale read yesterday when I stepped on it after a shower.


Last week was a good week with following the Ketogenic diet. 90 more words

No Zero Days

6 Week Language Challenge - Quechua

I am participating in the language 6 week challenge which started on August 1st. The idea is to concentrate on one of your languages which is at a lower level and make as much progress as you can in 6 weeks. 433 more words

6 Week Challenge

A 6 Week Challenge Is Only The Beginning

Today I was hanging out with a few of my friends from the gym that I go too and the topic turned to nutrition. 476 more words


Day 40

40 days wow I cant believe how fast this has gone.

Later start today and back on the normal breakfast of 40g of porridge, semi-skimmed milk, fruit and protein powder. 542 more words

Diet Challenge

Day 28

Cannot believe we are four weeks in, this is going so fast!

Gym time again. Did a good HIIT and Pyramid session. But needed to get a lot of stretching in as I was sore from the double workout the day before. 272 more words

Diet Challenge

Day 24

Oh wow I have a lingering hangover, lets hope it doesn’t ruin all my progress.

Headache – check
Feeling a bit sick – check… 586 more words

Diet Challenge