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Six Word Saturday

I am a little confused about the mechanics of this but have agreed to link to Cate and the 6-word Saturday task.  OK, it’s Sunday now now Saturday but I have only just found out about the link-up.   54 more words

Martha's Six Word Saturday


Thanks to dear Sister Caddo for inspiring me

to participate in 6 Word Saturday!










Six word Saturday

I think I might bake today.

YUM! Brownies and homemade bread. Sound good?
Of course it does. I LOVE the smell of bread baking in my kitchen. MMM–delicious!

6 Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday #5

My baby has lost his hearing.

I am simply beside myself. Absolutely devastated. I need something I can fight, yet there isn’t anything available. I’m falling apart. 80 more words


Six Word Saturday #4

Traded my Wii for a Netbook. =)

Cookie Monster and his sister, Elizabeth, bought a Wii for me for Christmas thinking it would help with my Fibro. 83 more words


Six Word Saturday #3

Freezing snow outside, SweetPea won’t poop!

It’s been hoovering around 0 degrees and below around my neck of the woods this week. Between the temps and the snow and ice combo outside, SweetPea will not poop outside! 80 more words

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