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The Unveiling

Unveiling my 2016-17 Kinder-Six Homeschool Room.

How we were kidnapped by barber -6-year old narrates

Six-year-old Jumai Badmos who was kidnapped on Wednesday afternoon at the Igando area of Lagos State with her four-year-old sister, Ayo,narrated how they were kidnapped . 626 more words


6-Year-Old Buried Alive In Agra, India.

AGRA: A 6-year-old girl named Tanu Baghel was stolen from her home and buried alive in a farm field reported to be less than 1 kilometer away. 348 more words

General News

No, Calendar. Just No.  

We are to the point in the summer where today and the first day of school fit on the same calendar.

I don’t like it. … 395 more words


Saying Yes

Today saying yes meant…

…fun at Prairie Loft…

…time outside…

…wagon rides…


…finally being brave enough to get in the kiddie pool on our own… 75 more words



Dear BrainQuest Workbook writers,

I’m sure you didn’t intentionally do this just to sabotage parents who can’t help but laugh when their kids unintentionally say curse words, so I feel like I should let you know that when you put “s h i _” and the choices are either “t” or “p”, it doesn’t matter if there if there is a picture of ship or not. 242 more words


The Problem We All Live With

Norman Rockwell  Oil Painting  1964

On this day we celebrate the anniversary of the unanimous decision handed down from the Supreme Court in the landmark case Brown vs. 448 more words