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Angel Dog Golden Retriever

My 6-year-old little homeschooler is learning ms paint to adobe illustrator. The title for his artwork is “Angel Dog Golden Retriever.” Have a blessed Sunday everyone! 12 more words

James Matteo Cano

Dog Sock Puppet

Here comes our puppeteer & his puppet!
For the sake of art I didn’t reprimand him for making a mess on his sock, it surprised me though. 30 more words

James Matteo Cano

2 Letter Hindi words without matra – Part 4

  1. धन (Wealth)
  2. फण (Snake’s hood)
  3. टन ( Sound of tinkle of bells)
  4. घर (House)
  5. ऊन (Wool)
  6. छत (Roof)
  7. खत (Letter)
  8. मत (Don’t)
  9. लत (Addiction)
  10. एक (One)

This 6-Year-Old Used Her Mom's Fingerprint To Buy Pokemon!

Make sure to keep an eye on your cell-phones, keep them out of reach of shopaholic children! According to HuffingtonPost, 6-year-old, Ashlynd Howell used her  mom’s fingerprint while she was sleeping to make purchases on Amazon. 56 more words


What we read last month - December 2016

 I can read with my eyes shut by Dr. Seuss

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go”. 198 more words

1st Grade

Authorities: 6-Year-Old Ejected from Car, Seriously Injured

NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — Authorities say a 6-year-old was seriously injured after he was ejected from a pickup truck he was riding in on Interstate 91 in North Haven. 97 more words

Homeschooling with his Bestest Buddy

As part of his diary project, aside from expressing it in words I also encourage him to doodle or express it through any art forms.  Here’s his doodle, he didn’t copied the picture below, merely a self expression coming from his mind. 19 more words

James Matteo Cano