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More Praise of the Mirror

So I could not resist to try out how my ancient Sigma 600mm/f8 mirror lens does on a Nikon D800. So out I went into this year’s mediocre winter. 151 more words

In Praise of the Mirror

In 1992, I gave in to curiosity and lens lust and purchased the 600mm mirror lens from Sigma. The front element has a mirror (in reverse) at its center, forcing the light to travel three times through the lens and thereby allowing for a compact and relatively inexpensive design. 117 more words


New on 500px : Great Tit in Autumn by Yokai by Yokai

Great tit with a grain of wild sesame in its mouth.
Have a nice weekend, my friends ! via Tumblr http://ift.tt/1MVs9Ox


Would you like to have a 500 mm lens?

If you are into bird photography then the ideal lenses for that are the  500mm,  600mm and even the 800mm lens. They are my dream lenses. 204 more words


600mm Natural Acetal Copolymer Rod, That is Over 24 Inches

600mm Rod is huge, and to get a high quality Acetal Copolymer rod that is 600mm diameter is huge. That is over 24 inches, yes, 24 inches. 18 more words