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Sony's Camera Offers A Massive Zoom With Great Image Quality But At A Price

Why would you spend the best part of £1500 for a bridge camera when you could get a full-frame DSLR with the ability to use interchangeable lenses for the same kind of money? 471 more words

More Praise of the Mirror

So I could not resist to try out how my ancient Sigma 600mm/f8 mirror lens does on a Nikon D800. So out I went into this year’s mediocre winter. 151 more words

In Praise of the Mirror

In 1992, I gave in to curiosity and lens lust and purchased the 600mm mirror lens from Sigma. The front element has a mirror (in reverse) at its center, forcing the light to travel three times through the lens and thereby allowing for a compact and relatively inexpensive design. 117 more words