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62 Years Old and Still Hitting Rails - Vail, CO

Meet Canadain Olympic Female Slopestyle rider Spencer O’Brien’s dad, Brian O’Brien.  He is 62 and should serve as an inspiration to us all.  Nothing ironic about that push broom mustache.


Celebrate 1/31/15

Many people are celebrating today for many different reasons.  For some it is the end of the month of January and one month closer to spring. 632 more words

Month of Elul - Last Month of the Hebrew Civil Calendar

Another New Moon has come and gone…


The crescent moon is showing in the sky tonight, which means that the Month of Elul is fully in motion. 155 more words

True love story: Married for 62 years, couple dies hours apart

CALIFORNIA – A California couple married for 62-years died just the way the lived, together. 

Their story reads like a Hollywood movie, but their love was real. 455 more words