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Will Eric Greitens learn that we reap what we sow?

Republican Governor-elect Eric Greitens and his wife are modeling good behavior. Sheena Greitens was robbed at gun-point recently. According to a report in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch… 528 more words

Veto session post mortem

You really should read this short article by The Political Animal‘s Martin Longman which discusses the implications of the Missouri legislature’s override of Governor Nixon’s veto of SB656 (deregulated “constitutional” carry)> and the Voter ID (voter suppression) bill. 349 more words

SB656, the NRA and "bloodbath" politics

I implied in an earlier post earlier today that havoc (or some related type of unpleasantness if you find “havoc” too hyperbolical) might ensue if our elected officials decide to ignore the preferences of most of their constituents and override Governor Nixon’s veto of SB656, legislation that would largely deregulate gun ownership as well as decriminalize impulsive gun violence via a stand-your-ground provision.  474 more words

The gun culture heats up

A few hours ago The Missouri Times posted an article about how the NRA is working the upcoming “veto” session in the Missouri legislature:

The National Rifle Association will make the override of Senate Bill 656 their top priority in the country this week as the omnibus gun bill continues to gain momentum as the most high-profile legislation at stake on Wednesday.

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