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Stick to Your Guns with In Hearts Wake, 68, Being As An Ocean and The Amity Affliction @ The TLA.

Text by Vince Bellino. Images by Erin Marhefka.

Stick to Your Guns (above) came to the TLA in grand fashion on Tuesday as part of their Disobedient Tour, bringing along… 521 more words


'68 - In Humor and Sadness


8 Juli 2014 – eOne/Good Fight

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Ketika Josh Scogin, mantan pentolan kesatuan hardcore direndam-kebisingan Chariot, mengumumkan bahwa proyek berikutnya akan menjadi pelayaran perdananya ke dalam roots rock, perlawanan dijaga baik-baik. 288 more words

Impact of Death on a partner.

Since woman always has the all time burden on her head (family, work, etc), The moment she got to know her husband was dead, she felt that she is free from all the ties, free from the barriers. 36 more words


false gems.

False gems signify the untrust and mis-love that happens.
In the story, the husband doesn’t trust his wife when she says that the imitation jewellery were real ones when they we so. 52 more words


Women in advertisements.

The TV commercial i have selected is the GRT jewellery advertisement. At the first she won’t be wearing the GRT jewels so the guy won’t like her, next time she’ll were GRT jewels she’ll look beautiful. 35 more words


The Brave Prince

Bertha knew she had nowhere to run as she hid in the myrtle bushes. The wolf dragged her out of the bushes when he heard the sound of her medals clinking against each other. 209 more words



The most important theory in music is understanding the rhythm. We put notes to play lead or lay in filler arpeggios or play chords in a specific rhythm for a song. 398 more words

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