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Ride out and conquer in the cause of truth and for the sake of justice. Psalm 45:4  I took a little time off. Sometimes, it’s just necessary, as care of the self both physically and spiritually is ever important these days. 190 more words


Average Age of Fox News Viewers

It should be noted that the average age of Fox News viewers is 68 years old.

Another interesting statistic regarding their audience is that they only attract 1.1% of Black viewers.

#68 - What Were You Thinking...

…the first time you made out with someone?

Wow.  This is happening.  This is actually happening.  Finally!  This is…actually, it’s kind of gross.  I can taste her spit. 

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New on 500px : Flakstad Mountains by AchimSieger

Flakstad Mountain range seen from the coast near Fredvang on a winter evening in February.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1EQUki4

Real Estate And Mortgage

Word of the day #68


Chris – ten – dom

The world of Christianity

Example: To the outsider, Christendom seemed rather absurd.


Almost a scorched-earth approach

Making vows and revenge on the Midianites: Numbers 25–26

It wasn’t quite a scorched-earth strategy, but it was close. The Israelites’ response was ruthless.

In revenge for their attempt to  337 more words