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Mysterio? Kraven? Who Will Spider-Man Battle in Marvel's Reboot?

“We’re interested in seeing villains we haven’t seen before.”

This is Kevin Feige’s statement in regards to who could be the antagonist, opposite Peter Parker, in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, slated for 2017.

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'Rogue One' being shot on Arri Alexa large-format 6k digital

When we see Rogue One, come December 16th, 2016, our minds will quite literally melt, just like those poor Nazi bastards when they saw the arc of the covenant. 344 more words

6K + 6K

Yesterday + today! First time I ran in 13 days… worked 11 of the last 14 days – over 110 hours… good for the pocketbook, not so much for fast times on the pavement. 74 more words


The Evolution of Resolution by SamandNiko

Niko takes a quick look back on previous resolutions video has used, and what we currently have and asks, “Which is the best one for us?”


The Run of None

If you have been keeping up with us you will know that me and moi were worried about this Sunday’s 6K. Not worried in the fuel, attire, pace, or injury sense, but in the ocrap I don’t want to run with anyone worry. 400 more words


Contacting the previous owner

I normally buy cars privately so I can ask the seller about their driving habits, find out how well they maintained it, work out why it’s being sold, etc etc.   573 more words

Taking it Easy

Has anyone ever told you about their ‘shower thoughts’?

I personally have some of my most profound and revelatory thoughts whilst taking a shower, and I discovered yesterday that using an elliptical machine on the ‘easy’ setting for stress fracture rehab is a similarly relaxing (albeit smellier) experience for me. 656 more words