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Mardi, le 31 mars

French 8C: There will be a quiz on Thursday, April 9 on the following: 1) Vocabulaire de films: genres, roles, actions and 2) Verbes irreguliers au present : AVOIR, ALLER, ETRE, FAIRE, VOULOIR, POUVOIR… 53 more words


6K Threshold - Season Best Time

I think I did the right thing by backing off the power in yesterday’s session. I think I will do that in future sessions if my readings are weird. 302 more words


I'm Back SON!!!

Guess who is back Boys and Girls?

Yes Me! For all you who are back and have enjoyed my posts on filming and some info to what I do for a living can now finally enjoy more of that plus a bit more. 38 more words

Mercredi, le 4 mars

French 6D, 6K: We wrapped up our French plays today and had our cheese and cracker party.

English 6D: We did a journal entry in class and practiced some organizing skills in writing. 24 more words


Mardi, le 3 mars

French 8: The review packet for present tense verbs is due Friday, March 6.  You should be prepared to introduce your ‘bande-annonce’ on Thursday, March 5. 72 more words


Mi primera carrera del año

No hay día que no llegue ni plazo que no se cumpla, por fin me aventé a mi primera carrera, el Split Adidas 6K…  Cómo niña que va  a fiesta muy temprano me levanté a vendarme por aquello de las lesiones y ¡Lista para correr en Chapultepec!! 668 more words


Gamecocks Run 6K - February 28, 2015

On Saturday, I ran in the Gamecocks Run 6K.  When I first saw the flyer for the run, I was really excited!!! I’ve been a Gamecock’s fan since I can remember. 955 more words